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  1. A

    Should I use Gtx 950 R7 370, or both?

    Hello, I need some help on what would be a better card for gaming in my system. I have an Intel I5 6500, a Gigabyte Z170X and 8Gb DDR4 corsair vengeance. What card would suit me better, or should I upgrade my power supply and use both, 1 for gaming, 1 for my monitors? All help is greatly...
  2. M

    What can I upgrade on my PC?

    I'd like to upgrade this PC: AMD A10-5800K MSI 2AE0 MB with FM2 socket and PCIe 2.0 16x GTX 550Ti 8GB RAM What is the first thing I can upgrade for 200€ in order to make it run CSGO a little bit better? Thanks
  3. J

    Something Went Wrong

    So i am looking to upgrade my motherboard in my desktop and i read somewhere that i will have to re-purchase windows if i do not sync my Microsoft account. I followed their steps which were to go into settings/update and security/activation/add a Microsoft account. But when i try to add my...
  4. S

    PC Shuts down after a few seconds

    I recently purchased a new PC by parts. After a few weeks of working flawlessly I started getting the blue screen of death after logging in. With some help I was able to sort it out. But from since, when i power up the PC...a few seconds after it shuts off....lights on MB go off and fans go...
  5. W

    So I built this new PC but it is making a weird beeping noise (video with sound)

    I built my new PC but this low beeping sound is coming from the motherboard (not PSU, it sounds lower near the PSU. It seems to have a pattern, but I do not know what it means. Specs in the video description, it is pretty low, so turn the volume up and you will hear it. LINK (...
  6. S

    Which is the best CoolerMaster hyper 212? (212x/212evo)

    Hey all Looking to buy a Coolermaster 212 hyper air cooler for my i5-4690k and wondering which is the best of the 212 range to buy? Best as in noise and cooling abilities All help greatly appreciated!
  7. R

    Your trial period has expired visit the windows store

    I moved from windows 8.1 to windows 10 long time ago. Everything worked great until I started to receive this error on common windows apps like the calculator, or the windows photos. "Your trial period has expired visit the windows store" This is a legitimate windows copy.
  8. M

    Laptop For School

    I am just going into college and I am looking for a new laptop. My current one is a huge, bulky laptop meant for gaming by ASUS and over the years I realize that I have never really done intense gaming that I wanted. I only really ever play the following games (Civ 5, Golf with your Friends...
  9. Veziax

    GTX1050 no output through DVI-D

    I recently built my computer, but when I connect it to my monitor with DVI-D, I only get the BIOS splash screen and then everything becomes black. When using and HDMI to DVI-D connector, everything works fine. Any clues why?
  10. G

    ASRock X99 Taichi Review

    ASRock seeks serenity among the X99 budget market. ASRock X99 Taichi Review : Read more
  11. S

    Is ryzen worth it for a first time builder?

    So I am building my first ever gaming pc soon. I was wondering is a AMD Ryzen 5 1400,AMD Ryzen 5 1500X or Ryzen 3 1300X gonna be enough for pure gaming and livestreaming? I plan to play games like League of legends,CS:GO,Overwatch. I would pair one of these cpus with a GTX 1050 ti. Would it be...
  12. J

    My computer can't run games well

    I recently put some new parts into a pc, im not super good with parts but i know the basics and how to put a pc together. Im having problems running games even on low settings im not sure if its specs maybe cpu? here for some insight System specs: BIOS: IBA GE Slot 00C8 v1365 PXE 2.1 B...
  13. D

    PC randomly restarts + RAM issue

    Hello TH, Just bought a new PC. But whenever i use it, it sometimes randomly turns the screen black, and then the CPU fan goes crazy, and after a few seconds the pc restarts. The components are not overheated or overclocked. All drivers etc. are installed. Why is this happening? - Also my...
  14. O

    Do Power Supply rating and wattage affect overclocking?

    So I have a rather cheapish PSU, This one: So I have my R5 1400 overclocked to 3.65Ghz but I want to push it to 3.8 But everytime I run Prime95 test on all 8 threads for like 5 minutes my monitor shuts off and my mouse...
  15. B

    My server stopped working out of the blue!

    I had a small minecraft creative whitelist server for me and my friends to play on. The server is running for quite a few days, but then we get an improvement to our internet. We use the same ASUS router, but we get a new Arris modem. This happening breaks my server, no big deal, I got a new IP...
  16. V

    What the hell happened?

    my game files suddenly become like this and won't run what should i do?
  17. D

    Gtx 1080 ti dvi problems.

    Im new to pc building im getting Asus VG248QE for it to use , and there is topic ( ) This is my first PC i just want to know what DVI means and why people has problem with it , please give simple answers.I have evga wtf3 gtx...
  18. I

    Is there any software to see time while gaming?

    I want to keep track of time while i play games,but i cant find any software that provides this function.
  19. N

    Which id better

    Which gpu is better for 1080p Gaming Or this one...
  20. V

    Weird sound coming from the computer

    Hi guys!I have a problem:I have really quiet pc.You can't hear it at all while you are searching on the net or desktop.The problem is while im playing games.When i start playing a game a weird buzzing sound comes from my computer.It's not loud at all but it's annoying and im scared because i...