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  1. S

    Good time to sell a r9 390????

    im selling my msi r9 390 for $320, i saw prices of $350 and $300. u guys think people will be interested in buying it and if i should raise the price.
  2. K

    Will a 3pin cpu fan, work on a 4 pin header?

    The motherboard I ordered, has 4 pin cpu and case fan headers, but my case fans, and cpu fan only have 3 pins, will this still work?
  3. S

    RAM Speed stuck at 1600

    So I just built my rig and when I loaded into my BIOS I noticed that my RAM speed was at 1600mhz then when I changed it to XMP and then changed the speed to the speed I bought my RAM at which was 2133mhz I saved the changes and restarted. But then when I turn on my system it turns on and then...
  4. H

    99° celcius cpu on Windows login screen

    My pc has been working properly for the past year, I recently formatted and cleaned the pc completely and everything was fine but today when I turned it on, my CPU fans went to 2500 rpm and temp at 99 for no reason what so ever, I already removed the cooler and CPU removed the thermal paste and...
  5. J

    27 or 24 for gamin

    I enjoy sitting farther away usually. Best buy associates recommended à 27 from personal experience. How do i choose? Will à 1060 3gb handle 1440p and streaming?
  6. E

    My laptop home button won't work. What do I do?

    My laptop home button -keyboard or onscreen- won't work. It continuously makes a little dark bit go over the button onscreen, but nothing happens. What should I do to fix this?
  7. B

    RAM for H110M

    I have a MSI H110M Pro-VD: can I put 4 RAM sticks of 4 GB each (16 GB total)? (they're DDR4 which is compatible with the motherboard)
  8. E

    B350 Tomohawk Lacking lighting control options.

    I am puzzled at the lack of lighting functions on my B350 tomohawk motherboard. I have an RGB strip attatched to the header and the only functions are, flashing, double flashing, breathing, and static. No brightness control, No color cycle. Nothing special... Im using the gaming app software to...
  9. D

    Mafia 3 lagging

    Hello Recently a lot of games on my PC have started to lag for some reason and I have no idea why. This might be due to a few performance upgrades, ie a new graphics card. One of the games that have started to run poorly is Mafia 3. I could run it on any settings right now, even on the lowest...
  10. Shadyxi

    What monitor is this in the vid?

    Im looking for a monitor , saw this on a video and got hooked but never knew whats the name. Please help? Here is the video monitor appears at the start
  11. G

    CPU Not supported

    Hello friends, after switching my old cpu (amd4300) to this new one (fx 8350) my mobo said it does not support the new cpu. Does this mean I need a new mobo? If I purchase a new mobo, do I purchase one with the exact same socket types? My current mobo is a GA-78LMT-ST rev 1.2 and the cpu...