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  1. M

    Question HELP! Mobo or ISP?

    Basically, noticed after having huge ping spikes for a minute or two every other minute. So I checked my LAN ethernet port onboard my motherboard and noticed the an orange LED signifying a slow connection. So I tried two other ethernet cables and had the same problem. Then, thinking the onboard...
  2. DirtySZN

    Question Wired connection with lag/packet loss

    So I have Xfinity as my ISP - I am hard wired connected to Netgear wifi cable modem router AC1750 model number C6300 plus my Netgear XR500 gaming nighthawk router to my PC - Just to clarify, I have 2 routers basically because I set the Netgear C6300 into router mode so that it is only a modem...
  3. T

    [SOLVED] Why am I still getting bad ping?

    These have been some of the longest months of my life. My internet plan is Charter Spectrum 100d 10u (the best plan for my area) and I have a CAT6a ethernet connection. I have swapped my router, modem, ethernet cable, and some network sockets were removed by charter because they were giving off...
  4. Question Tracert request times out on some sites/services, unless I'm connected to a VPN

    Hello, This is my first post here since I couldn't find a thread about this on the internet. For about 2 weeks I had internet issues. When I try to access certain sites ie. 9gag or reserved, I get a request timed out on tracert. This happens also to some services like discord. My first guess...
  5. D

    Question Either I have good ping, or awful ping!

    Hello everyone, I am going to fly by the back story and get right into it. I have a gaming PC which is hardwired into my router that I use for online games. In the past, I would say 5 months I have been experiencing ping issues. Either my ping is terrible (100ms+) or good (20ms-60ms) in online...
  6. Quadacon

    Question DNS Settings Overidden by ISP during PPPOE Authentication?

    Hi everyone. I have a TP Link SafeStream router, I have set my DNS setting to in my router under the WAN configuration, in the same page that the PPPOE Authentication is. Now it is connecting properly, and the router displays the following...
  7. N

    Question Trying to change ISP (SOLVED)

    Let me start by saying I am new to all of this networking stuff so I my need some extra explaining/help. I have a Huewai HG659 which was supplied to me by Vodafone and now I am changing to a different ISP. My problem is that I have no internet because the new ISP needs me to set up the modem...
  8. S

    Question Which UK ISPS block VPS like that on the Opera Browser or Torrents and which don't?

    Which UK ISPS block VPNS like that on the Opera Browser or Torrents and Which don't? Girlfriend is looking for a new ISP without any annoying blocks, especially for TV torrents etc given how bowing this lock down is
  9. sha1764

    Question Will this configuration work?

    I wanted to know weather this configuration work properly My isp Ethernet cable connected to a switch From that switch 1 port is connected to a wifi router for other device to connect wirelessly Another port from the switch is connected to my primary pc For better understanding a image that...
  10. S

    Question Which is the better cable modem?

    I'm looking at choosing between the Docsis 3.1 cable modem, Arris SB8200 and the Netgear CM1200. Both are very similar, though on Amazon the Netgear CM1200 is $50 more, but also has 3x the amount of customers rating it. Even though the overall rating between the two is nearly identical. I just...
  11. A

    Question Virus? Location and ISP always incorrect on websites

    Using a retail website I select the "use my current location" to find my nearest store. The result is never correct, often London, sometimes Edinburgh, even Bulgaria. If I do a google search for "whats my IP" and look at any of the website they show my IP as being in a different location and...
  12. Question Packet Loss Dota 2

    Hi. I'm from the Philippines and recently subscribed to PLDT Fibr 15 Mbps. While playing dota 2 (tested anytime of the day, even doing single pc test, disabling WLAN and other devices), I always get packet loss. Ping is good, then sudden packet loss from time to time. i did trace route the SEA...
  13. C

    [SOLVED] Tripple ping and other issues in the evening

    For some months now, I have been experience ping spikes and higher overall ping at night. I have contacted my isp about the issue and every time the tech comes out he says "your signals look good blah blah" and they cant fix the issue. When I do a speed test through google or ookla, my speed is...
  14. Y

    [SOLVED] my isp is giving me 1/20th of the download speed they promised. can i someway get to their management of bandwidth and take what should i get??

    hi there, i am from bangladesh, a third world country. my broadband speed is 16mbps but what i get is 1mbps on average, i mean the speed shown on and at pick hours it even falls to 0.3 mbps. i turn off other wifi devices when i test the speed. i can't even stream anything. it keeps...
  15. BlazingAngels

    [SOLVED] Trying to find a dual band router that is in all in one modem/switch/router.

    I have a wireless router rented from my ISP and I do not want to pay the rental fee anymore. So I am trying to find a dualband wireless router that is a modem/switch/router all in one, just like the router I have rented so I can send their's back.
  16. J

    [SOLVED] ISP Says my LAN Configuration is Unsupported

    My ISP is a Broadband service (Coax cable connects me to their network). My Home LAN consists of a cable modem connected to a wired router and a wireless router connected, by crossover cable, to the wired router. It supports multiple devices, mobile, desktop, streaming and VOIP. During a...
  17. uzi314

    [SOLVED] 4 cables from different routers of 4 Networks in one PC?

    Hello guys: I wanna use 4 Networks from different ISPs but I have only one ethernet port in my pc and the mobo also doesn't have extra PCIe slots for connecting 4 Port Ethernet PCIe Card/adapter so can I use something like LAN Port Splitter but will I also get more adapters in Change Adapter...
  18. R

    [SOLVED] Dual WAN, two ISP's and combining the two network segments

    Hello, I have two ISP's in my house (small office). Let's say one of them is on a segment and the other is on I also have a dual WAN router which I can use if needed (UTT ER518). Two questions I'd like to ask the forum: For performance purposes, is it better to keep...
  19. CamdenK7

    [SOLVED] Do I need a new coax cable when I switch ISPs?

    I'm planning on switching my ISP, I currently have a coax cable that comes out of my floor into my gateway. Will I need a new coax cable installed by my new ISP or will they have access to the old one? Also, (if the old coax cable works) is there any benefit to using a newly installed coax cable...
  20. nikollmc

    Question Severe Packet Loss

    I've attached my PingPlotter graph here so you have an idea of what's going on. It's been almost a week now & I've had steady, severe packet loss each day, at every hour. It doesn't matter who is up in the house, how many devices are connected to the internet, it's there. I play a lot of online...