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  1. Domaccc12a

    Question Why my roblox run at 35 to 40 fps on max grachpis?

    AMD Ryzen 3 4300GE GPU: Vega 6 Cooler:Stock (good one) RAM: 8GB running at 3200 MHz
  2. Wurden

    Question Schermo nero NO SIGNAL/

    Ciao ragazzi, sto riscontrando da poco un problema con il mio pc, dopo pochi minuti di gioco in full screen gli schermi diventano neri e appare scritto "No signal". Come posso risolvere? Grazie mille. Hi guys, I am recently having a problem with my pc, after a few minutes of playing in full...
  3. Mistyyy

    Question Fans run after PC shutdown (sometimes)

    Hello! I’m fairly new to PC’s so I would appreciate any help! My issue is that when I shut down my PC using the normal method via windows shutdown or use the power button, my case rgb turns off but all the fans keep running (ssd activity light turns off too). The weird part is that it works...
  4. S

    [SOLVED] Some keys of my laptop don't work ?

    Hi, I have a HP Envy 15 j002 laptop and before 2 months some keys of my laptop keyboard started not to work. Keys that don't work is P,I, , , . , and the others near these. In total 8 keys don't work. Before, sometimes they was working and sometimes they didn't. When they start to work if i use...
  5. Jackson3838382

    Question Secondary hdd making games lag

    so I have a 500gb and I recently got a 2tb and when I connect it my games start lagging (input delay) and my 500gn stops reading in task manager
  6. Cadoin

    Question Frame drops and stutters when playing but hardware appears okay

    My hardware appears to be working fine in task manager but I get these random stutters and frame drops every 5 seconds. I’ve tested all of my games and they all have the same issue. I reinstalled, restarted, and to no avail. Anybody have any fix?
  7. M

    [SOLVED] FPS drops in games - Have to restart PC to fix

    I have a peculiar issue regarding FPS drops which I have no idea where to start. Essentially I'll be playing quite a visually demanding game (most recently Metro Exodus at Ultra quality) and the game will drop from a smooth and consistent 75-90 FPS to 20-30. The same thing is seen if I open...