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    Question laptop display-only random freezes (audio and other stuff 100% working)

    I own an MSI lap top (GE63 7RE Raider) with GTX 1060, display had a slight flicker issue and I wanted to send it to guarantee but did not get the chance (can't send it now will send in ~10 days) but recently another weird problem happened (i did update win10 and also messed with the registry a...
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    Question I cant install My AMD Radeon 8750a driver on Dell. Help me out.

    I am unable to install the AMD Radeon 8750a driver on my Dell Optiplex 9020 AIO with I7 4th gen processor. When i try to install it, it only shows the AMD Catalyst Control Center and the AMD SPK and no driver is found. Then it just says installation complete with some errors but nothing...