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  1. AndrewYNC

    Question Computer turns off randomly and then it doesn't turn on

    Hello! I have a problem. My computer turns off randomly after a few hours of running but RAM RGB is still on. I can't turn on it after this happens, I must unplug it and after it turns on and the problem appears again after a few hours. These are my computer components: CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 MOBO...
  2. K

    Gaming Pc / wall mounted tv

    Right so I currently have a 5yr old 48" LG TV that I use for the front room with my pc hooked up. I am moving house soon and am budgeting for a new TV. I just dont know if to go for a high end hd unit with gaming features, low input lag etc. Being the Sony kdl-50w829b which is £750. Or I have...
  3. B

    Upgrading from 4770 to 4790 without changing mobo

    I have a 4770k that I believe may be a bit of a bad batch - can't get it to OC past 4.3 using the ASUS OC software (4 way optimization). I even get some BSOD when running at 4.2 which is barely over the standard turbo boost. I was toying with the idea of throwing in a 4790k instead and see if I...