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  1. V

    Question iPhone Backup on PC

    Hello, everyone! I'm trying to execute a backup of my old iPhone into my pc, through iTunes (apparently, I can't just enter the DCIM folder in my phone, Ctrl+C Ctrl+V the folder into my disk, I don't know why... that would save me a lot of trouble). But the iTunes backup turns out to be written...
  2. U

    [SOLVED] SSD 100% active state on iTunes ?

    Hello, I have motherboard Asus X79-DELUXE, SSD Samsung EVO 870 EVO 2TB, and Windows 10. The problem is that I am having this issue since the very beignning. On my previous SSD it was working fine. In this new one, it is not. I installed the system about half year ago or more. The computer all...
  3. R

    Question Need help finding an iTunes Alternative...

    As the title says, I need to find a new iTunes alternative. My main use will be for backing up and restoring full backups of my iPhone as I do not use iCloud. So, to be clear, plugging in my iPhone and clicking backup. Then, if at some point in the future I get a new one, plugging it in and...
  4. PsychoPsyops

    Question iTunes - 'New From Your Artist/Alert Me' Features

    Hello all. I use iTunes on Windows for collecting and playing my music. Ever since April 2020, the 'New From Your Artist' feature at the bottom of the iTunes Store has not been working. New albums from both new artists I follow and artists that have had new albums show in this section in the...
  5. M

    [SOLVED] itunes to spotify transfer

    if i transfer all of the songs from itunes to spotify will those songs that were transferred be accessible on every device i have my spotify account logged into?
  6. T

    [SOLVED] Constant temp login

    Hi all, Very strange issue going on with multiple problems. I was moving data from a customer's old laptop to his new one. Removed the hdd and did the transfer like I've done hundreds of times before. Put the hdd back in, and his old laptop failed to boot, giving an ntfs error. Windows...
  7. M

    Question spotify premium downloading

    hi is downloading a song/playlist/album/podcast the same as doing so in itunes? would I have a copy of that song/playlist/album/podcast like in itunes?
  8. E

    [SOLVED] IPad won't accept my password

    I just received my first Apple product, 8th generation iPad. After I got it set up, I've tried to install an app. When I find the app, a prompt appears that says "The Apple ID has not yet been used in the iTunes store. Tap review to sign in, then review your account information." Below the...
  9. M

    [SOLVED] itunes backup question

    i've backed up everything in itunes manually without time machine and all the songs all have been renamed something like 03_songtitle or similar, does that mean if i ever have to bring them back to itunes that's what they will be called in there?
  10. wkwallst

    [SOLVED] uninstall itunes

    Have windows 10 pc and trying to uninstall itunes and reinstall a clean version I must have made a mistake when I uninstalled because when I try to reinstall from Microsoft store I get this error..."Windows can't find C:\Program...
  11. W

    Question Quick Question about updating on iTunes

    I need the data on my phone and I can't back it up so I'm trying to update it instead of restoring it. I plugged it in and downloaded the software via iTunes and after it extracted the software it said "Preparing your phone for restore". I unplugged the phone as I don't want to restore it. Is...
  12. M

    [SOLVED] itunes won't detect iphone 8

    when i plug in my iphone 8, itunes tells me it can't message the connected iphone. i am running mac osx 10.7.5 and itunes version what do i do?
  13. S

    [SOLVED] iPod shuffle and Windows?

    My Apple ipod shuffle 4th gen does not show up in iTunes? Anyone can anyone suggest a troubleshooting methodology I would appreciate it. Lenovo X1 Carbon 6th Gen Windows 10 iTunes Thanks, Henry
  14. A

    Question Trying to recover an iphone 6; iTunes won't play ball

    My friend's iPhone 6 wouldn't update, and crashed whilst trying to backup and update yesterday. It's now in recovery mode, and I've followed the steps on this page: I connect to the PC, open iTunes, force a restart and wait until the 'Connect to iTunes'...
  15. P

    Question what to do with spare computer?

    I have an old gaming PC that I was thinking of turning into a server as I am new to IT and want to learn all I can about Networking and Servers. The PC I was going to use has a Phenom II 955 Black CPU with 8 gigs of ram and an R9 270. Would this work for what I am wanting to do with it? Should I...
  16. E

    HP 15-da0091ne or Acer E5-576G-58ZE

    Hello I'll be using the laptop for: (Office package - Browsing - Watching Movies - Coding(ex: Visual Studio, MySQL, Oracle db..etc) - SPSS - STATA- MATLAB ) The laptop will not be used for gaming. I want it to have good overall performance, good display(ex: colors - contrast) and sturdy...
  17. M

    [SOLVED] CPU usage dropping and at the same time frames dropping

    In multiple games I have been experiencing frame drops (lag spikes). I am usually running these games at 70-90 fps and my frames randomly drop to about 10. At the same time this happens, my CPU usage drops. I have been troubleshooting for about a week now and cannot figure out why this happens...
  18. K

    [SOLVED] Windows 8 update possibly killing hdd?

    So I do not know how exactly this issue happened since it is my brother's pc. He said windows8 (i dont think he had 8.1 he didn't know) did an update while he was away and then when he got back his computer booted right to the bios. So from what I've been trying to figure out since I never had...
  19. M

    Does Z390 Phantom Gaming-ITX/ac support Intel XEON Processors?

    Someone on Tom's hardwaer suggested that ASRck Z390 Phantom Gaming-ITX/ac does NOT support Intel Xeon CPUs. Is this true or false? I found no written evidence of that in either specs of ASRock nor Intel website. MoBo:
  20. Y

    Brand New PC Turns On, But Not Off. Fans Also Run At Full Speed

    So I've recently built a new gaming build, but now I'm at a standstill. I built it about three days ago without any issues. The only part I didn't use was the CPU cooler, but that's because I was waiting for an adapter. Like I said, there weren't any issues. It ran perfectly fine. Today I had...
  21. C

    Hard drive causes PC to crash

    I have recently built my girlfriend a pc. The specs are below. AMD FX-4300 GTX 760 500W EVGA PSU 8Gb RAM 1 TB The computer is nothing serious for performance, trust me I'm well aware. However, when trying to install windows onto the drive (from USB) it just crashes the whole PC. I tried putting...
  22. F

    Urgently need .BIN bios of Intel DQ67SW

    Hi there I need bios of Intel DQ67SW motherboard in .BIN format for full flash. thx
  23. D

    HDD console transfer. Do I need to format?

    As title states, I'm plugging my HDD into the new Xbox one x that was previously used by a normal Xbox one. Must i reformat the drive?
  24. R

    8700k or 2700x

    I mainly do gaming, but i am starting to stream alot more. Im looking to game and stream on the same machine, but i heard intel gets better fps, and can still stream as well. I need this to last me 5+ years. Im thinking about pairing whichever i get with a gtx 1080 maybe a 1080ti if price is...
  25. D

    Don't know what to look for

    OK I was running prime 95 and the temperature program I forget the name not by my computer right now and no temps got to 80 but IDK what temps are the most important some of the cores were close to 75 as was the CPU package temp but the CPU temp was lower I just don't know what the most important
  26. S

    Amd Driver Update

    My gpu is strix r7 370 2gb gddr5 oc edition. I did check for updates and it showing "New recommended(18.5.1)" and "New optional(18.8.2)" updates. My current updates is 18.8.1 So which one should i select for better performance and compatibility in my windows 10.? Mobo:Asrock 990fx
  27. S

    Can't install windows

    Hello, was using win10 but trying to install win8.1 with cmd, got me into this problem "operating system not found". Tried to install win8.1 with USB pen drive after making USB pen drive bootable but doesn't work. After i press boot menu key in my PC it is f8 key i got 2 options 1.Toshiba (my...
  28. C

    no admin on used windows 7

    how can i make standard user an administrator on this used wind 7 home premium that was in a workgroup at 1 time. everything asks for an admin password. I'm not very computer savvy but very good at following directions. Ya'll can help save my sanity I hope! Thank ya'll
  29. C

    code 43 gtx 850m

    laptop specs: Asus x550jk i7 4710HQ - 8GB ram- Gtx 850m I have a strange problem with my graphics card, I was running on windows 10 perfectly fine then I restarted the laptop after putting it away for a while and the screen would go blank after booting to the os, so I went into safe mode looked...
  30. F

    Asus 1070Ti vs Gigabyte 1080

    Hi all, Wanted to know which I should get. It's going to be paired with i5 8600K and ASRock Extreme 4 and will be used mostly for gaming. Possibly going to get 1440p 144Hz monitor in the future. GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1080 G1 Gaming --- 576,62 € ASUS GeForce STRIX GTX 1070 Ti Gaming Advanced...
  31. LeShepherd

    Fix Easy Anti Cheat

    Hey guys so I'm getting pretty frustrated. All of a sudden almost all my Ubisoft games (Farcry 5 and ghost wildlands) except for The division for some reason, cant play because they keep saying " Launch error: cannot create service (StartService failed: 1058). Nothing that i found online seems...
  32. R

    how to connet lenovo k8 note hotspot on laptop

    i hav elenovo k8 smartphone.when I turn on hotspot on my mobile ,the wifi from my laptop is not connect to the hotspot
  33. M

    Rx 580 4gb saphire pulse

    Hello guis, is a 500w 80+ Njoy ayirus good for rx 580 4gb saphire pulse? Thx I3 4360 3.7 12gb ddr3 1600 2tb hdd 7200 rpm M.2 120 gb
  34. B

    How can i install my SSD without a windows disk

    I recently got an SSD and im not sure how to install it correctly, ive searched it up and its says in order to install it as my boot drive i need a windows disk is there possibility another way??? im currently windows 10 without the disk.
  35. S

    need a psu

    i need a psu for my build it should be cheap please dont say cx550m because it is overrated over here THANKS
  36. S

    Tesoro Gram XS Mechanical Keyboard: Low-Profile Refined, Almost (Hands On)

    The Tesoro Gram XS does not look like an iMac keyboard, but it does espouse a low-profile design, pretty lighting, and an all-white color scheme. Tesoro Gram XS Mechanical Keyboard: Low-Profile Refined, Almost (Hands On) : Read more
  37. D

    Reinstalling windows 10 with iso file

    Im replacing my hdd completely without needing the files. I plan to instal the os with an iso file in a usb drive, and im wondering if i can activate windows 10 afterwards with a windows 7 home basic product key i have unused. The thing im concerned is if my system will turn to 32bit or not...
  38. M

    Switch From an AMD FX Processor to Intel

    Last year, I purchased a GTX 1060 6GB GPU to increase my PC's gaming capacity a bit. It worked nicely, coming from an old GT 610 or something like that. However, with games such as PUBG and other processor-heavy titles, the system tends to lag fairly often. The PC shipped with an AMD FX-4130...
  39. J

    Evga X58 what is it worth?

    I have an Evga x58 sli motherboard with a i7 920 that I’m looking to try to sell so I can buy a i3 8100. My question is, is the motherboard and cpu worth anything if so how much and where would the best place be to sell it?
  40. N

    Please help with Inkscape

    First of all thank you to aquascapesph! Inkscape is a very good free alternative to Corel Draw. Now I have a detailed map (which I imported) that I added borders and other labels also color coded. Can someone please tell me how to save or copy this and then paste it onto a word document which I...