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  1. Yosef Marcera

    Build Advice First SFF Build Parts List

    Here's the list I have been able to come up with, the prices are converted from Philippine Peso. The ones highlighted in green are second-hand parts. I'm pretty confident about the build but would still want to hear some insights since this is going to be my first SFF build. I would love to get...
  2. T

    Question New Hyte Revolt 3 ITX build - crashes randomly after boot w/ black screen and fans blasting?

    This is my second PC build here, which is an ITX build using the new Hyte Revolt 3 case with included power supply. Unlike my last ATX build back in 2014, I am encountering numerous issues with this one. Most of which I have been able to overcome with a little bit of ingenuity and a lot of...
  3. N

    Question Best 120mm AIO with pump in the radiator- Evolve Shift 2

    Hi, I am looking at doing my first ITX PC build using a Phanteks evolve shift 2 air. one major issue with this case is the fact of the radiator is mounted at the bottom of the case meaning the pump will be in a potentially bad place. (GamersNexus giving me anxiety :LOL: ) i was looking into...
  4. D

    Question New Micro/ITX Build: Balance of Performance and Low Power Consumption?

    Greetings. Been a while, as I got great advice years ago here and have loved my PC build since then. 1. I'm thinking of a new build in ITX or Micro ATX form factor for gaming that has the best balance of performance and power consumption. I'm not concerned about overclocking or cutting edge...
  5. G

    Question ROG Z11 help

    Anyone who has used ROG Z11? Looking for people who have used the ROG Z11 case. I won a Newegg shuffle and had to buy this bundled with my 3060TI. It looks cool enough I’ll give it a shot but seems like a real weirdo. Not a lot of builds on PCpartpicker either. Curious what MOBO people have...
  6. U

    [SOLVED] How much would my pc be worth on average in Europe

    I could probably say roughly but people tend to be biased about their own builds so I'd rather get a more realistic look from a third party. SPECS GPU: Zotac RTX3070 MOBO: Gigabyte X570 I AORUS PRO WIFI CPU: Ryzen 7 2700x RAM: 8gbx2 G.SKILL flarex 3200mhz cl14 b-die(overclocked to CL14...
  7. eibelbilly

    [SOLVED] Best portable moniter for gaming under 250ish ?

    I'm looking for a portable moniter probably under 20-inch to try and fit into a bag with my setup, anyone have recommendations on what to buy ? * must be 75hz or higher* if no one can find one I'll buy a keyboard
  8. aName123

    [SOLVED] Will this be enough cooling for my (future) specs?

    Hey, I am planning on building/upgrading my PC. I want to build my system inside a Cooler Master NR200P. I have planned to watercool the system with PETG Tubes, but i am not sure if it will be enough to cool my config (in the future..) Due to the current GPU stock i decided to use my old...
  9. N

    Question Cooler Master Masterbox NR200/NR200P compatibility

    Hi All, With AMD announcing its Zen3 Ryzen CPU's, Nvidia's RTX 3000 series, and upcoming Big Navi announcements, its a great time to be upgrading your desktop. I have a ATX build from 2014 that I am trying to fit into an ITX build (mostly for a challenge). The Cooler Master NR200 caught my...
  10. F

    [SOLVED] Managing Thermals in ITX Case

    I have a i5-9600k, mildly OC'd to 4.8ghz all core 1.35v, and it hits about 92/93C under extended cinebench load, so I think this is about as high as I can go. My question is this. I noticed non K sku CPU's, even those with much higher core count have low TDP listed at 65w. Say an i9-9900. I...
  11. S

    [SOLVED] Does the new Z490 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3 support 8-Channel 7.1 Analog Surround Sound audio?

    I am considering the new Z490 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3 for several reasons, but what's pushing me toward it is its claim to support 7.1 Surround Sound. Granted the advertised Nahimic Audio codec makes this a virtual experience when using headphones, but I'm wanting to use four 3.5mm audio ports...
  12. jtech2565

    [SOLVED] How does this Build look?

    I am planning on building a itx pc for gaming and video editing. Here are the components. Are they compatible and will they work for what im planning on using them for? Anything I should change? Proccesor: Intel i7 9700k Case: Metallic Gear Neo Mini ITX tower case Mother Board: Gigabyte z390 I...
  13. R3negadeGamer

    [SOLVED] Will ASRock - Z390 fit in a Silverstone - RVZ03?

    Hello! I have been perusing the internet, looking for an answer, but haven't found one, so I hope y'all have one for me... Will the ASRock - Z390 I am looking to get fit inside of the Silverstone - RVZ03 I am also looking to get? I have my build list below. Looking at the manuals, it...
  14. T

    Question ITX | Mid-Range System - Does this make sense?

    Hi, I wanted to ask the experts here if the build I've in mind makes sense this way: PCPartPicker Part List Type|Item|Price :----|:----|:---- CPU | AMD - Ryzen 7 2700X 3.7 GHz 8-Core Processor | $279.99 @ Amazon CPU Cooler | NZXT - Kraken X62 Rev 2 98.17 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler | $139.89 @...
  15. S

    Question Fan hub

    Hi All, I'm building an ITX PC based on the NZXT H200 and I want to use 4 fans, but my motherboard only has one case header (ASUS ROG B450-i). I do not want to use the CAM software which comes with the H200i as it installs Intel XTU elements which can cause problems with AMD configurations...
  16. B

    Question MSI B450I GP has EZ Debug VGA LED

    Hello, I have a problem with my Motherboard and my new case. I have the MSI B450I Gaming Plus AC and just got myself a Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ITX. I tested the mobo before in my old big atx case (it fitted) and it worked like it should. Then my new case arrived and I installed it. After I...
  17. 0

    [SOLVED] Mini ITX build

    Hi So I'm building a PC for a use in a restaurant mainly as a cash register. What I was going for is a mITX build like the following: Option 1: CPU: AMD Athlon 200GE MBO: ASRock Fatal1ty B450 Gaming-ITX/ac RAM: G.SKILL Aegis F4-3000C16S-8GISB Option 2: CPU: Intel G4900 MBO: ASRock...
  18. D

    about telugu font in anu script

    telugu font in anu script was not installing in my windows7 pc
  19. L

    Screensaver Not Triggering After Windows Update

    Before a few days ago, the screen saver and screen automatic shutoff after a certain time was working. But after a recent update, it doesn't go up after the time that I set. I first thought that I had to set them again, so I go into the control panel -> Personalization and the Display Option...