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  1. pekodam

    Question What parts can I salvage off my old PC to install into a new one ?

    Hey, I've been considering upgrading and downsizing my ATX PC to Mini ITX for space and travel reasons. My Current Specs: MSI B450 Gaming Plus Max G.Skill Ripjaws V DDR4 3600 16 gb Ryzen 5 3600 EVGA 650 B5 80+ Bronze MSI GTX 1660 Super I'm looking into getting one of the cheaper Mini ITX mobos...
  2. shafat

    Question X570I motherboard doesn't turn on, causes PSU to make two clicks.

    So I bought a Gigabyte X570I Aorus Pro Wifi motherboard on eBay as for parts or not working. It was claimed untested but I wanted to take my shot at getting a potentially working mobo and seeing what I could do if it doesn't work straight out of the box (I am aware of the risk with buying...
  3. Odin1991

    Question Zotac Geforce RTX 4070 Twin Edge Compatibility Question

    Hello, can somebody tell me if I would be able to fit a Zotac Geforce 4070 Twin Edge into my case? I am running an older ITX build with the Fractal Define Nano S. The problem is that I have a Be Quiet Pure Power 11 power supply which is rather big. So there isn't much space between GPU and PSU...
  4. H

    Question Ryzen 5 3600 running very toasty in Cooler Master Elite 130

    I have been running this configuration for the past year now: CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 Cooler: Noctua NH-L9x65 SE-AM4 MOBO: GIGABYTE B550I AORUS PRO AX Case: Cooler Master Elite 130 ITX Ram: Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200 GPU: Gigabyte Windforce GTX 1070 OC 8gb Storage: 1tb Intel m.2 SSD, 2tb WD Green...
  5. W

    Question ITX boards are suspiciously built

    ITX m2 nvme ports are very suspicious. They have less pcie 5 lanes than ATX and less m2 slots, but somehow the additional unused cpu and chipset lanes do not translate to the existing m2 nvme slots, to be upgraded to pcie 5 m2 slots. The other concern is no pci slot for sound card or 10 gbps...
  6. J

    Question Help in finding an ITX SFF or almost SFF case that can fit these criteria

    I was hoping to get some recommendations of a case, that can fit the below criteria. I had a few in mind, but they haven't quite panned out the way I had hoped. Essentially I will be using an ITX mobo, SFX PSU, 240mm AIO, and a yeston waifu GPU. Which means I am looking for the smallest case...
  7. J

    Question Trying to choose between ASrock H670m-ITX and ASUS B660i-Gaming ITX for 12400

    I'm trying to choose between these 2 boards for my 12400 ITX gaming build. Ideally I wanted to stick with DDR4, as I already have 32gb of Trident Royal I wanted to use and love it. But there are no good LGA 1700 DDR4 ITX motherboards sadly. The selection is pretty crap IMO. The gigabyte ones...
  8. N

    Question Best 120mm AIO with pump in the radiator- Evolve Shift 2

    Hi, I am looking at doing my first ITX PC build using a Phanteks evolve shift 2 air. one major issue with this case is the fact of the radiator is mounted at the bottom of the case meaning the pump will be in a potentially bad place. (GamersNexus giving me anxiety :LOL: ) i was looking into...
  9. Seyathen

    [SOLVED] Would the X570 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3 work with my system?

    Simply put, would the X570 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3 support and be compatible the parts I currently have? I do know it would need to have a bios vP1.20 but I just want to get a second opinion and check to make sure. I would be getting the board used, but it should be fully working CPU: Ryzen 3...
  10. Atterus

    [SOLVED] Motherboard for small rugged application

    Hello All! I'm working on finding a rather niche motherboard. The application is going to be putting it on a vehicle that won't have a ton of wiggle room and components would need to be pretty tough. Won't need a ton of processing power, but not "nothing". A mini-ITX or mini-DTX are about as...
  11. Maboy69!

    Question Productivity ITX build

    Hello, Im currently a college student who needs a productivity desktop. I am looking for a good ITX motherboard that i can install Hackintosh on. I found this case i would like to build in as well. I just need help finding the Motherboard and CPU. (and maybe a different plug in power supply)...
  12. M

    [SOLVED] ITX System not POSTing

    Hi, my system looks like this: Be Quite ITX 450 Power Asrock Fatal1ty B450 Gaming-ITX/ac ( AMD Ryzen™ 5 1600 (AF) ( 2 x DDR4 3200 (D416GB 3200-16...
  13. mranimo

    [SOLVED] GTX 970 vs GTX 1060 3gb / which is the better?

    Which one is the better for gaming? I want to build a portable mini-itx lan gaming pc. The build is the following: Cooler Master H100 argb MSI H510i pro wifi i3-10105f 2x8gb ddr4 ram Evga b5 650w psu Which is the better at temps and speed?
  14. kzeng8

    [SOLVED] Replaced GPU (2060) with 3060 and no display.... put back my old GPU and still no display again

    I recently built my PC (ITX system - Ryzen 5 5600x, NZXT x53 kraken, Gigabyte B550i Aorus Pro, 16 gb trident z RGB, ZOTAC RTX 2060, 650 W EVGA B5) and it worked fine. I got a 3060 through the EVGA queue system and swapped it out with my 2060 (did nothing else to the system). I plugged it into...
  15. M

    [SOLVED] Intel660p not detected on Asrock X570 ITX

    Hello & thank you in advance for any help. I've recently built my 4th PC, which is intended to be a lightweight ITX build for music production. I've elected to use just one drive, which is the Intel660p 512gb M2. When I boot, my X570 ITX UEFI can't seem to recognise the drive. If I boot...
  16. G

    [SOLVED] CPU cooling for the NR200 case

    Hi all :) Just a quick question, I want a Mini ITX build with the CPU air cooled, if I look at CM NR200 Specs it only allows for up to 155mm space in height but in the photo it seems they used a Hyper 212 Air Cooler which is 158.8mm in height, any idea if this air cooler would actually fit...
  17. B

    [SOLVED] Best SFF or ITX case for University Dorm

    I will be moving to University this summer, and I will most likely be travelling across the country. My current PC is obviously too large to move as it is a Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic. I plan to instead buy a new motherboard and other components to make it into a SFF or ITX build. I will be keeping...
  18. StinkyEarTV

    [SOLVED] B550i Aorus pro ax argb

    Hello, I am going to get a Gigabyte aorus B550i pro ax and was wondering if it had any argb/rgb headers to power the lights on some of my fans as well as my aio lights. The liquid cooler is the MSI mag core liquid 240R- AIO RGB. And the fans I will be using Are EZDIY-FAB moonlight 120mm rgb case...
  19. F

    [SOLVED] Managing Thermals in ITX Case

    I have a i5-9600k, mildly OC'd to 4.8ghz all core 1.35v, and it hits about 92/93C under extended cinebench load, so I think this is about as high as I can go. My question is this. I noticed non K sku CPU's, even those with much higher core count have low TDP listed at 65w. Say an i9-9900. I...
  20. markc1999

    [SOLVED] Need a short ITX Case to fit in shelf.

    I need under 11" tall and maybe 9"ish wide. Length is less important. I have an ASRock Z390 ITX mobo RTX 2070 Super GPU Seasonic FOCUS PX-750 power supply Noctua NH-L12S CPU cooler Any suggestions?
  21. jakewat97

    [SOLVED] New Ryzen 5 3600 High Temperatures (90-95c under heavy load)

    I have recently finished my ITX build with a Ryzen 5 3600, but am having serious issues with temperatures. Other specs are as follows: Thermalright AXP-90 (full copper) cooler EVGA 2070 super Corsair SF600 plat 16gb HyperX 3200mhz MSI B550i Edge Wifi SGPC K55 ITX case This is a very compact...
  22. Lucas.C.B.M

    [SOLVED] Would it be possible to mod a Cooler Master H100 to fit a mATX motherboard?

    I am keen on building a cheapish small form factor PC and I recently purchased an ASUS PRIME B450M-K because I got a good deal on a refurbished model and I was wondering whether there was any way I could fit it in an H100 or any other ITX case.
  23. V

    Question Unable to update bios for gigabyte X570 I Aorus Pro Wifi(rev 1.0)

    [Specs] CPU: Ryzen 3800x RAM: 16 GB 3600mhz GPU: RTX 2080 super Mobo: Gigabyte X570 I Aorus Pro wifi (rev1.0) Case: NZXT H1 My bios version is currently F4. but I want to update my bios to F12f. I formatted a usb thumbdrive into Fat32 and extracted the ZIP files into it. Everytime I select the...
  24. T

    Question ASUS B450 ITX Only Posts if there's a USB keyboard connected.

    I cant find a solution to this anywhere! I have one of these apple bluetooth keyboards, but my pc won't boot unless it is connected via usb. It's an ASUS b450 ITX, 3rd gen ryzen.
  25. devilgodspider

    Question Phanteks Evolv Shift Air - clearance questions

    1. What are the measurements allowed for a gpu in order to accommodate a gpu AND a fan below the gpu? 2. Can the Riser cable be exchanged or is it soldered like the previous version of the case? (Evolv Shif) Really need the help guys, or if you have any better options around the same budget...
  26. T

    [SOLVED] Should i buy hardly used prebuilt? How do component warranties work?

    I have been offered a used (just built in august 2019) Louqe Ghost S1 ITX build for £1350; I was initially looking to build a pc for around £1000. It has Aorus x570 pro WiFi motherboard, 3700x (noctua cooler), RTX 2070 super, 32gb ram (3000mhz), x2 1tb m.2 NVMe SSDs and 550W 80+ gold PSU. Is...
  27. A

    Question No power to USB and no Video Signal.

    Hello, When I turned on my PC yesterday everything inside the case lit up as usual, fans spinning etc. However, my mouse and keyboard lighting were not illuminated and I had no signal on my display. 1.) I powered down and disconnected everything for a few minutes and then reconnected everything...
  28. K1n6Bo4Ultr6!

    Question B450I Wifi ITX Board Non Responsive after 2 weeks of use

    So about a few weeks ago a built my dad a new PC to replace his old Emachines Computer that we've had since 2009 with the build here. however a day or 2 ago the build became completely non-responsive. no light from the Mobo of any kind, only a pass through to the Case LED not even a fan...
  29. T

    [SOLVED] Should I Upgrade my ITX Build or Change to Micro-ATX?

    About 3 years ago, I received a mini-ITX build in a trade, which consists of: -ASRock Z270M ITX mobo, Gigabyte RX 480 G1 4gb, i5 6402p, EVGA 500BR PSU, Thermaltake Core P1 mini-ITX case, Cryorig H7 cooler. However, I wanted to upgrade the PC so I can play more demanding games and have higher...
  30. L

    Question Silverstone SG13 or Thermaltake Core V1?

    For context, I rehoused my system in The Phanteks Ethoo Evolv ITX, however, cooling my graphics card has become a seemingly insurmountable problem ever since I started using this case. I have tried everything from adding more fans, adjusting where the fans are, adjusting fan curves, getting an...
  31. L

    [SOLVED] Bluetooth will only work when a devise is 6-12 inches away from my pc

    Hello everyone i am coming here to seek help and advise, I just built my PC and everything seemed in order. However when i went to connect my wireless headphones (Senhiezer momentum's) they only seem to be working when they are about a half of a foot away from my pc, then it will loose conection...
  32. S

    [SOLVED] Mini ITX Build Suggestions

    Looking forward to suggestions on this build: PCPartPicker Part List CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 3.6 GHz 8-Core Processor ($327.89 @ OutletPC) Motherboard: Gigabyte X570 I AORUS PRO WIFI Mini ITX AM4 Motherboard ($218.79 @ SuperBiiz) Memory: G.Skill Trident Z Neo 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3600 Memory...
  33. LordVile

    [SOLVED] Advice between 2 cards

    Buying a GPU tomorrow to replace my Vega 56. Only replacing it because it's a 3 fan 2.5 slot cooler and I've moved to an ITX case that struggles fitting it in, it runs loud and hot and the far side of the card is actually resting on the PSU shroud. I'm stuck between a RTX 2070 and a 2060 Super...
  34. A

    [SOLVED] Should I go AIO or Air Cooling for my ITX build?

    Parts CPU: i5 4570 GPU: MSI GTX 1060 3GB OC RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance 1600 Case: Thermaltake Core v1 PSU: Coolermaster MasterWatt Lite 700w I'm not planning on oc'ing or anything, but it will be used for light and heavy games and as a HTPC. I want to try to keep noise down and keep things as...
  35. Sovietua

    Question Gaming PC 2020

    Hello, I am going to build a new SFF PC for 2020 (even though I want to have it finished by mid-october). It is going to be strongly based on this, but using some different internals: View: I would, hereby, like to post the full spec list in order...
  36. V

    Question ITX Motherboard in ATX Case (SilverStone Grandia GD08)

    Hi Guys, I currently have my media center/NAS in an ITX case but I have run into the issue of not having anymore Hard Drive space. So I was looking at upgrading my case and I found the perfect case, the SilverStone Grandia GD08. As it is HTPC form factor it is perfectly sized for where the PC...
  37. I

    Question Controlling the CPU fan speed in ASUS BIOS

    Hello, I just built my system and want to do a bit of overclocking. I have a 9700k, an ASUS Z390I, and a Noctua L9I. I wanted to do some light overclocking, but I can't find how to change the CPU fan speed in the ASUS BIOS. Thanks for all feedback.
  38. G

    Question No compromises ITX case, any Fractal Core 500 specialists here?

    Hi, I'm planning on a no compromises ITX build and therefore looking for the perfect case. So far the Core 500 seems to be the way to go, but I really really want to use the Seasonic Prime Titanium 650W (because "no compromises", you know^^), which could be a little problematic with this case...
  39. E

    [SOLVED] Do I have to reinstall Windows 10 after switching motherboards?

    I switched from a micro atx Gigabyte motherboard on A320 to a B450 Asrock ITX motherboard in a new case. All the other parts besides the case and motherboard are the same. Windows worked fine but my audio is not working though I was having issues cause I am using an audio extension cable and...
  40. S

    Question Fan hub

    Hi All, I'm building an ITX PC based on the NZXT H200 and I want to use 4 fans, but my motherboard only has one case header (ASUS ROG B450-i). I do not want to use the CAM software which comes with the H200i as it installs Intel XTU elements which can cause problems with AMD configurations...