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  1. JustAFrenchnoob

    [SOLVED] Can i run it ?

    I wanna buy R6 and a new graphics card so i would to know which of these GPU can give me more FPS : My specs : CPU : 4C 4T OC 2.66GHz (it's a pentium j2900 2013) RAM 4GB >> 8GB GPU : GTX 750ti low profile 2gb/ gt730 4gb ddr3 i need your help because i think the gtx will bottleneck my CPU Thxs !
  2. JustAFrenchnoob

    Question Rainbow six siege can run on my system ?

    Hello, i wanna upgrade my desktop computer and i would like to know if with him i will be able to run Rainbow six siege ! There it is : CPU : 4C 4T OC 2.66 GHz GPU : Nvidia GT730 MSI 4GB DDR3 RAM : 4GB DDR3 (upgrade to 8gb) Thank you ! And if it doesn't do the job, can you propose me other GPU ?
  3. JustAFrenchnoob

    [SOLVED] Bottleneck with this GPU ?

    Hello everyone, i wanna upgrade my Desktop computer witch have a Intel Pentium J2900 4C 4T OC at 2.66 GHz, i wanna add a GT730 and i would like to know if there is some bottleneck with that ! Thank you :)
  4. JustAFrenchnoob

    [SOLVED] Bottleneck with Pentium J2900

    Just want to know if gt 1030 bottleneck with my Pentium 2.6GHz J2900 and what game can i run. Thank you ( I want to know if i can play Fortnite, GTAV, CS:GO and Mincraft )
  5. anoori9000

    Creative People Come!: N64 Control Stick Repair

    So for as long as I can remember, the joystick on my N64 controller has, well, looked like this: Dont mind the nasty stuff in there, thats just hot glue :P Since I don't want to have to fight with others about "who gets the better controller", I am trying to fix it. I tried taking a clothing...