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  1. Question Minecraft server unable to connect

    I'm trying to run a Minecraft mod pack server but it doesn't appear online and I am unable to connect to it however it loads up fine in the command prompt. I want to run the server through my laptop and play the game through my PC. I have run many servers through my desktop before fine but for...
  2. Martroiss

    Question Java cant create virtual machine no matter what fixes i try

    Hi so im having problems with java im trying to run a program called battlescribe but everytime it says error cant create virtual machine. also when i do CMD and do java -version it says cant create virtual machine same with java -help when i try to open the configure java app in my start menu...
  3. R

    Question Minecraft Java Edition - Suitable laptop? - advice appreciated!

    Hi All, I would appreciate any advice on a suitable laptop for playing Minecraft Java Edition. The Minecraft Help Centre has listed specs here.. We are considering the laptop linked here...
  4. nexan

    Question IJava doesn't open jar files

    I wanted to open a jar-file(on windows 10)(to install Optifine for minecraft), and for that I installed JRE. But when I want to open the jar-file the app (java) isn,t in the list where you can choose with wich app you want to open it, so I can,t open it. It always opens with Internet Explorer...
  5. garlicc juice

    Question Java installer wont do anything at all, entering a game setup pops up an error.

    First day of using my new computer, didn't expect that there will be any problems, i don't really understand why many apps won't even start installation. I tried to install java and after running the installer as administrator nothing happens at all, doesn't even appear in task manager...

    Question Optimizing Minecraft And Java Not Utilizing CPU or GPU

    Okay... So... I can run 300+ frames in vanilla minecraft Java. I can run RLCraft with Sildurs shaders getting about 80/27 according to optifine with my render distance at 10 chunks. So... why does my CPU never use more that 50%? Specs: 9th Gen Intel I7-9750H 12MB Cache Nvidia Geforce GTX 1660...
  7. U

    Question java doesnt work

    "Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine." "Error: A fatal exception has occured. Program will exit" re-installing java / changing environment variables did nothing please help
  8. P

    Question Java Minecraft Server PC Build

    Hey all! My father and I are creating a business for local Minecraft server hosting. I need a PCPartPicker or similar list so we can purchase the parts. The server will be running 24/7. Some things to consider: The build should be in the neighborhood of 350-500 dollars. 16GB - 32GB would be...
  9. F

    Question .jar or any sort of java file will not open.

    I have been having this issue for a few days and i dont know what the problem is, because i havent had the problem until now. I have tried opening as Admin, or with a .bat with a command like java -jar xyz.jar and disabled antivruses. When i double click on the file, it shows the hourglass on...
  10. M

    [SOLVED] easy static javascript

    Hi there, i just started using chromes extension called 'fake data', and what it do is, generating random data for regestration on a certain web sites. it uses this javascript ...
  11. K

    Question Why can't I install Java?

    I have tried everything. I always get Error Code 2. I tried turning off the windows security. I tried turning off the windows firewall. I have tried the online version. I have tried the offline version. I tried different destinations. I even tried installing it on safe mode but then I got Error...
  12. A6TH

    [SOLVED] 'javac' is not recognized as an internal or external command

    After installing JDK on my Windows 10 machine, I can't seem to set it up so I can run javac and java commands directly from command prompt. I've tried setting environment variables, restarting PC, but it didn't work either. When I type the full path to javac.exe in command prompt and try to...
  13. D

    Question Java won't reinstall due to 'not being able to create a virtual machine'

    Whenever I try to reinstall java, the install is around 80% done when the error message "Error: Could not create the Java Virtual Machine. Error: A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit.", and this happens on all the versions of java I attempted to download, and it occurs on both 32...
  14. Y

    C++, Java or Python

    I’m going to study computer science and I want to learn how to code. I know I have to get familiar with C++, Java and Python but which one should I focus on more? Is one better then the others?
  15. Myronazz

    [SOLVED] Java Installer REFUSES to do anything at all

    Hello... Just formatted a friend's laptop and clean installed a fresh copy of Windows 10, the latest build downloaded from Microsoft's Website. I finished setting everything up, drivers, etc. And everything thus far has worked perfectly but for some reason I cannot seem to get Java working, we...
  16. M

    Question Unable to install Java

    Windows 10. When I attempt to install I always get the error 1603. I have used the online and offline version of the installer and ran as administrator to no luck. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  17. P

    [SOLVED] Is it possible to create OpenGL Applications from the ground up in OpenGL?

    I want to make some OpenGL applications in Java utilizing OpenGL. Is this possible?
  18. RaxTax

    Question JRE and JDK won't install.

    So I need JRE... Whenever I try to open the installer, I get asked for admin rights, I click "Yes" and then nothing happens... I tried with JDK because it contains JRE, but that didn't work too. This time the install wizard opens, but when I click "Next" it just closes and nothing happens...
  19. rebstg

    Question How do I open a jar file with Java(TM) platform SE binary?

    I have tried to download the latest version of java and that doesn't seem to work. I have even tried to see if the program is located in the programs folder, but it is no where to be found. What should I do?
  20. H

    Best laptop under 4000 USD

    I want to learn and master programming , hacking and PEN-TESTING . So I need a great laptop for it. Could you give me some suggestions for it?