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    Do i have to uninstall my AMD drivers before i put my new Nvidia Geforce card inside the PC case?

    Hi, before i put my new Nvidia card into my PC case, do i have to uninstall my AMD drivers?
  2. C

    Wait for Canonlake?

    Canonlake is coming out in a few months, so should i upgrade to coffeelake or wait for it? Any solid news when exactly canonlake comes out?
  3. B

    Future upgrade options

    I have 1000$ to spend my specs currently are here: i7 6700 3.4Ghz Crucial 16GB Ram0 500W power supply gtx 1060 SC 500GB SSD my first option was to just get a gtx 1080 ti but then my CPU might bottleneck in 1080P so I decided on a ryzen 1700X and a gtx 1070 idk which one I should get.
  4. R

    Wraith Spire Cooler or an after market cooler for Amd Ryzen 1600

    Hello everyone, I have build a PC with Amd ryzen 5 1600. I have used the wraith spire stock cooler with the processor as i have no plans to overclock in the future. I do a lot of 3d rendering work and after 5-6 hours of render my CPU reaches about 76°C only. Few days ago my friend gifted me a...
  5. S

    Won't display, Dram ez led debug

    Hey guys so I just got my new parts to upgrade my PC. Mbd - MSI B350m Gaming Pro Cpu - Ryzen 7 1700x Ram - G.Skill Ripjaw 5 DDR4-2400 Gpu - Evga gtx 1060 Cooling system - Corsair H100i It's not displaying though it is connected through VGA from Mbd to the monitor and it's also stopped at the...
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    I have a H100 v2 Corsair liquid cooler and my case is cooler master force 500 ATX mid-tower case. Apparently,there is no possible to fit the coller in this case. But theoritcally it is compatible.
  7. A

    Can i put HDMI 1.3 cable to 2.0b HDMI port?

    There are lots of HDMI versions. Can i put 1.3 HDMI to 2.0b GPU's port? How many Hertz supports this HDMI 1.3 cable? And is it worth to buy 2.0b cable while i have 1.3 cable. (I have Gtx 1070 and 1080p 75Hz monitör)
  8. G

    'Destiny 2' Gets The HDR Treatment, SLI Support, And A New GeForce Bundle

    At Gamescom 2017, Nvidia announced a collaboration with Bungie and Activision to add high dynamic range lighting (HDR) and SLI multi-GPU support to the PC version of "Destiny 2." 'Destiny 2' Gets The HDR Treatment, SLI Support, And A New GeForce Bundle : Read more
  9. gerry410

    Current build articles on Toms

    I think it time to build myself a new computer so I went back to Toms Hardware for build examples. Well the most recent post is from Qtr. 1 / 2016. Has Toms given up on these articles, aren't there any more current builds to select from? Very disappointed.
  10. R

    asus USB 3.0 driver installation problem

    I have this problem if i try to install usb 3.0 driver i have this message: the asmedia usb controller was not found i tried to instal asmedia driver but when the installation is complete i don't see asmedia host in the device menu and now after asmedia installation the asus driver 3.0...
  11. R

    hi, there is a big search google chrome search engine above my screen how do i get rid of it.

    I have a big search bar at the top of my screen and don't know how to get rid of it. please help. it can be changed to Internet explorer but I cant get rid of it.
  12. B

    PcPartPicker Question/Build question

    here is my build I was wondering if anything could be chosen differently to make it more reliable and cheaper. maybe a couple bucks more. Also the anidees Ai-crystal I was worried that the MSI - Z270 GAMING M7 ATX LGA1151 Motherboard would fit in that case...
  13. P

    i want recover my data

    i formatted my android mobile and accidently i formate my sd card which was in mobile also and now i hv written over again and again but i neeed those mov files which i formatted accidently in LG G3 mobile. Any body can help me plz?
  14. B

    Planning to build a Gaming PC

    Hello, i'm Planning to build a 950$ PC, please don't tell me to go up to 1000$ because the limit is $750 from my dad and i'm paying $200 more to get the best components, i'm looking for the best parts for a gaming PC components such as Motherboard - RAM - CPU - Graphics Card - Power Supply - HDD...
  15. T

    Trying to install windows on m2 disk

    I just bought new disks to my computer and got a m2 ssd disk aswell. So i was think about doing a fresh window install and use that disk as windows disk. So i put my bootable usb into the computer and when i got the question "Where do you want to install Windows" the computer doesn't find any...
  16. R

    Monitors Reading No Signal

    I just recently built a new computer and plug in a monitor to see if it works. And it does. I move the computer and plug another monitor and it works. But now the other doesn't. So it seems only one monitor at a time is allowed for me. Any way to solve this? Even in display settings it has 3...
  17. A

    Water wont flow through system

    Im actually having some trouble with a water loop. I installed it with out video cards because they were in the mail and the loop worked but after installing the two video cards it wont pump and even seems to have some back pressure as i saw the water going up the return tube. I pulled the...
  18. T

    When will the Price of the Rx580 go down?

    I recently built a computer with a R7 240 and i5-7500 but choose not to buy a gpu due to the extreme prices. I noticed 2 months ago you could buy a cheap RX580 with 8GB of memory for only $200. Now it seems you will need to spend at least $275-$300 assuming your able to purchase it right when it...
  19. F


    Hi guys, Any idea if 3 ASUS ROG-STRIX-GTX1080TI-O11G-GAMING fit on a maximus vi formula ? the case is corsair 650D Thanks !
  20. N

    Having internet issues with new build

    Hi all, My new build is about 4 days old and I've been having some strange issues with my internet. My download speeds are incredibly low, and when I download anything, whether it be from Steam or Bnet, it seems like it hogs all my bandwidth and makes streaming/browsing pretty...