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  1. C

    i7 4790 too good to be true?

    I found an 'Intel Core i7-4790 - 4GHz Quad-Core CPU with Motherboard, RAM and Com/Cor/Cop' for £42 it has free P&P and dispatches from China, should I buy it as it's a really good CPU and comes with 4x 4gb ram and is all for £42? Please help, i've been trying to get a budget gaming pc and my...
  2. C

    Improved PC build Good/Bad?

    here is my pc build so far i have 5 red led corsiar fans for the 5 120mm case fans in my case and the noctua for my h7 cpu heatsink. I already have the operating system so thats 1000$ the final price is there any ajustments i should make with parts? or is...
  3. A

    I want to buy the NZXT S340 White Mid Tower Case. How do I know if it will fit my Mobo?

    My room has a white minimalist design, I want to get a case and eventually a full build that will match it. Currently I have the GA-78LMT-USB3 6.0, which has an M2 Socket (Not sure if the socket is relevant give that the CPU socket is AM3/3+ ?) Simply put, I want to know if this case can house...
  4. B

    Getting low speeds through wireless

    So I just upgraded my internet from 30 Mbps to 100 Mbps (my ISP actually provides 120 Mbps because of any loses that might occur). When I had 30 Mbps always got 29-30 Mbps through wireless, now that I have 100 Mbps I get around 30-40 Mbps (using a ethernet cable I get 120 Mbps). I searched in...
  5. M

    Not loading windows

    I tried to reset my laptop and now it's restarting continually and not loading windows pls help
  6. R

    Game lag on pc

    I have been playing pes 17, sleeping dogs, assassin's creed etc for a year now without any issues... But recently all these games have started to lag a bit... Once i had solved this problem by reinstalling the graphic card drivers. But this problem occured again What could be the possible...
  7. M

    Wanted to look at my friends gtx 1060, took it out snd the plastic part of the pcie pins holder came off

    So I was going over to a friends place to look at his new graphics card... when I took it out, the plastic pcie piece came off. I tried straightening bent pcie pins the whole day but couldn't get the plastic to fit back on to the pins. So I decided to stick the gpu in without the plastic and...
  8. X

    Laptop memory question

    I am going to be short on this: I have an ASUS laptop and I want to upgrade sistem ram from 4 to 8 gb of ram, but in CpuZ shows me that the memory speed is around 798. The question is what memory should I use? PS My Cpu is i3 3217U, MOBA: Asus X450CP and system memory type is ddr3.
  9. brockyy

    y spliter fan help

    SO i have 2 extra fans in my pc case but can only use one because my MB has 1 connector for the fan connector, someone helped me and said adding a Y spliter will fix the problem and make so i have 2 connectors to plug into, But is there any risk in doing so? like will is short out the circuit...
  10. R

    Can i play modern games in high quality and high FPS with This gaming laptop?

    Can i play modern games in high quality and high FPS with Gaming Laptop with RAM 16GB - Core i7 6700HQ - VGA GTX950 2GB
  11. T

    PC turns on fo a few secons then shuts off

    When I have the 4 pin power connector plugged in my pc turns on for a few seconds then turns off. When I have the cable unplugged it turns on and the fans spin but I see nothing on my monitor.
  12. W

    Desperately Looking for a PSU

    I'm looking for a high quality PSU for my Dad's office build. I've been looking at the cx430 and evga 500w but I'm not sure on the quality of them. I would like the option in the future to be able to use a GPU. Thanks, any help is much appreciated. Build Fractal Design Mini C i3-7100 GIGABYTE...
  13. L

    Do i really need hyper threading on?

    I have a Intel Core i7 4790K but i'm not overclocking. My temps while playing CPU heavy games like Battlefield 1 are bouncing from 55-59 degrees celsius. If i turn hyper threading off what are the pros and cons? I'm really looking for it to cool my CPU even more but still have the same...
  14. E

    Samsung Evo 850 freezes after a while Windows 10

    Hello, I have 2 SSDs one of them is samsung 850 evo 500gb just for games, it freezes after a while and shows at task manager 33% disk usage. my firmware is EMT01B6Q and apparently I can't update it since samsung magician says that it's the last firmware. any Ideas it's really frustrating.
  15. B

    Single Fan RX 480 or Dual Fan Rx 470?

    Hello, I am planning to build a budget gaming system. I have 2 gpus in mind, both are around $145:
  16. shohan0073

    Extremely unstable GPU usage!

    so I m facing this issue since last 1 year, here is my rig CPU : AMD FX-6300 3.5 GHz (Cooler : Cooler Master HyperX 212X) GPU : MSI GTX 960 4GB Gaming Edition Ram : G-skill ripjaws V (2x4)=8 GB Mob : Asrock 960 GM VGS3-FX So while gaming the cpu usage stays high like 80-99% but the gpu usage...
  17. V

    Gigabyte (GA-H110M-S2PV) support with kabylake processors

    hi everyone i just saw this at Gigabyte website that (GA-H110M-S2PV) supports both 6th/7th gen processors here i have a link can anyone confirm it because this motherboard(ddr4) is a cheap one and im worried that i might get wrong...
  18. Z

    Better graphics card or more RAM?

    So I'm on a really tight budget for a graphics card, I can either afford to get a GTX 1050 and snatch extra 4Gb of ram on top of the 4Gb I already have, or go the 1050 ti and stick with the 4Gb of Ram. Any insights?
  19. Matoo69

    will q8200 bottleneck gtx 560

    will q8200 2.33ghz bottleneck gtx 560 directcu
  20. K

    Internet stopped working

    I watch a video and when I went out of full screen and went to play GTA 5 it didn't load so I went on Spotify and it said "Offline", I tried to refresh my web browser and it said no internet connection and there where no tringale on the internet icon. My phone still had wifi and my brothers...