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  1. T

    My PC wont boot (and another problems) when i plug in additional HDD

    Hi First i would like to mention that i have 2 SSD's (one for Windows and apps and another for games) and 2 HDD's (1TB for main stuff and 500GB backup drive). Funny thing. I took a 1TB hard drive from another PC and plugged it into mine. It booted up well. Wanted to resize some of the...
  2. R

    New gpu upgrade

    I have a x4 860k at stock (Going to get a hyper 212 evo). And a gtx 750 ti graphics card. I was wondering what would be the best gpu that won't bottleneck much on rust and csgo and gta v.
  3. D

    Can i use this HDD as a back up external

    Hi there i have double zerofilled this HDD. will the hardrive get worse if i eg backup stuff onto it every maybe one month and pack it away. i will already have the data on my main pc. this will just be an assurance if a HDD on my main pc crashes. i will be prepared if it crashes. ID...
  4. D

    Battlefield 1 on i5-3470

    Hello I consider to buy BF1. After I looked for minimum system requirements, it just freaking me out. It needs an 6600K at minimal. Can my 3470 run BF1 without bottlenecking my RX 480? And is it good enough to upgrade my 3470 to a i3-6100 for BF1? I looked for a video that shows 6100 works...
  5. I

    GTX 1070 low clock speeds

    I have a EVGA Nvidia GTX 1070 sc and it seems that sometimes I get low clock speeds in all games which reduces the FPS. Recently I noticed this with BF4 where it was staying at 658 MHz.This is really annoying me because i have just spent 400 pounds on a brand new gtx 1070 sc and it is making me...
  6. T

    Replacing G430 Audio Jack Solderless

    Hello, I was wondering if it were the same processes to replace the G430(By Logitech) audio jack with a Solderless audio jack? If so or not, can you provide a video please? Thanks :)
  7. Ricy__

    GIGABYTE 970A-DS3P Overclocking FX-4300

    Since I will be temporarily using the FX-4300 for a while longer, I want to get the most out of it by overclocking on a GIGABYTE 970A-DS3P using air cooling (DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX 400) I am using AMD OverDrive to overclock my CPU and I wonder how much Ghz I can overclock my core to, I have already...
  8. A

    Newly Built pc restarting while gaming

    Help! Built a new pc and it restarts or shuts off completely after 5 mimutes of gaming in general. Works fine while casually browsing the web. Everything is at stock, no over clocking attempted or changes in bios. All cables are snugly plugged in and lost as of what to try next to resolve the...
  9. johnyct9760

    Will this card work inside my current PC

    Hi everyone, I've found a great graphics card I would like to buy over the holidays: The big questions that I have is will it work with my current hardware setup? Here are some stats about my motherboard...
  10. J

    Can't install windows

    My old PC failed and took my SSD with it. my backups were made with win10 to an external hdd. How to install win7 cd to my new SSD and a PC using an Intel braswell CPU??
  11. H

    Cooler Master Hyper 212x v/s the Deepcool GAMMAXX 400?

    I'm looking out for a Cooler for my i3 6100. Which would be the best option among the above choices? Thanks
  12. M

    good graphics games

    What new games are coming out that has amazing graphics e.g The division?
  13. Wayfall

    Dishonored 2, GTX 970?

    Hi Quick question... Will a MSI GTX 970 OC'd Edition be able to manage Dishonored 2 at max settings at 1080p vysnced to 60fps? The new demanding BF1 runs 70-80% on everything high and then ultra textures with my GTX 970 so would Dishonored 2 run fine as the recommended GPU is a GTX 1060...
  14. J

    Small home server advice

    I want to make a small personal server, mostly out of unused computer parts. But I had not idea what I'm doing or the difference between building a desktop to a server. So I've come here hoping someone can help. What I will be using it for - I want it to store all of my media files. Music...
  15. Cakeyy

    What should I upgrade ?

    Hi everyone, so I currently have a r9 280x and a i5-4440. I play games nearly everyday and do the casual editing/video editing from time to time. Should I upgrade my cpu to the i5-4690k ? or the gpu ? If you have any suggestions please post them too. Thanks in advance.
  16. P

    Picking an Receiver

    Hey, new to the world of surround sound mostly. Was looking to decide between: the Sony STR-DH750, the Pioneer Pioneer VSX-519V-K, and the Sony DA5200ES. There's also another Pioneer - the VSX-74TXVi. Just wanted to know what is going to produce the best sound really. Too many numbers to cram...
  17. P

    Best fan configuration and what fans to use.

    To start with I will be using this case: The case comes only with one intake fan at the front. I will buy 2 more fans and Im not sure how to configure the fans. 1 intake 2 exhaust? 2 intake 1 exhaust? Also what...
  18. parani

    Water Cooling Kit for GTX 1060 EVGA

    Hey guys, plz help me in finding a water cooling kit for gtx 1060 "" , as my Load temps are around 82c with little bit OC(1885core and 2088memory) , cant use its full potential, so plz help me in water cooling it
  19. W

    Is the Cooler Master GM G550M a good choice for the setup?

    I bought this upgrade kit from alternate : its a bazooka b150m i5 6400 and 8gb ram I also bought a gtx 970 4G and a 250GB ssd. is the Cooler Master GM G550M enough to handle this setup? thanks in advance
  20. M

    Ethernet Cable Not Working?

    I just bought a new ASUS CM1630 and I brought it home and hooked it up. Everything works great but I can't seem to connect it to the internet? I have the cable plugged in that I use on my Xbox One (it works fine) and I've updated the network driver, any ideas? Thanks.