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    Question Building a NAS or JBOD storage box from the ground up ?

    I'm looking to build my own NAS or JBOD storage box for general use backup and storage. Preface: I'm learning a lot of this fresh and I have very little idea what I'm talking about... I have an old PC running linux Zorin (4TB internal) 6 seperate drives (12TB total) a seperate casing that will...
  2. L

    Question MacOS 11 + file management ?

    weird question Anyone know a good platform that would allow me to create a single virtual volume display from 20+ drives? I don’t actually want to use a raid setup. I LIKE having full control over what disk any one file is on… it gives me the ability to add and remove disks at will and know...
  3. C

    [SOLVED] Seagate 4-Bay NAS Shutting down at random

    HI All, I recently got a Seagate 4 Bay NAS. I am running it in JBOD. I currently have a 1Tb + 4tb + 4tb + 2 tb in it. Everything was running fine until I added the 2tb drive. Now it randomly shuts off after about 10 mins and the only way to turn it on is to unplug it at the wall and plug it...
  4. Z

    [SOLVED] Controller for Dell MD1400

    Hey everyone, My employer has the opportunity to purchase a Dell MD1400 JBOD. Can anyone recommend a SAS controller card solution for that piece of hardware? It uses a 12Gbs HD-Mini SAS cable so the controller card would need to be compatible with that. This JBOD would be connected to a Dell...
  5. aeoneternal

    [SOLVED] HBA makes computer not start ?

    Hello I'm at a stump. I have a LSI SAS9200-16e that connects my 45 JBOD enclosure to my server. Motherboard is a SUPERMICRO X8DTH-IF If the JBOD is turned OFF then the computer will start and get into windows but obviously then you don't have your hard drives from the enclosure. If the JBOD...
  6. J

    [SOLVED] FreeNAS with Areca ARC-4038 8-Bay

    I bought a Areca ARC-4038 8-Bay used off of someone for a pretty good price, except that I don't seem to know how to use it :) The manual found here indicates that I have to use the RS-232C RJ-11 Port to connect with a VT100 terminal emulator. No idea what any of that really means (except...
  7. C

    Question RAID 0 & RAID 1 + offsite backup drive risk factors

    I currently have around 12TB of data (pictures) spread across several external drives and one drive being in Raid 1 and I'm trying to clean the mess I've made now. So I recently purchased two 24TB G-RAID drives because I wanted to simplify how I store my pictures with the added redundancy...
  8. velocci

    Question dlink NAS DNS 323

    Hi all, I have a Dlink DNS 323 nas and I just bought two 2gb HDD. I want both to be the same, but not use Raid 1. I want to do it manually. So I have all my files on the first HDD. I want to insert the second HDD and copy the files from the first HDD to the second HDD. instead of doing it...
  9. M

    2TB WD Black HDD loading games slower than usual every now and then.

    Hey guys recently my 2TB WD Black HDD has been taking longer to load up games like Fallout 4, Witcher3, and Siege(really long on siege). Using samsung magician software the Seq. Read and Write is 39/40 MB/s and Random Read and Write is 148/236 IOPS. When I check S.M.A.R.T. everything checks ok...
  10. J

    Roku 4 connection to Yamaha 3060

    Can I connect the Roku 4 directly to a hdmi port on my Yamaha 3060?
  11. C

    So my Pc Wont Boot up and stay on

    So my pc wont boot up, when it does boot up it shuts off immediately. My ram is weird though, the bottom of it isn't flat is uneven is this good? Or Is this creating the issue?
  12. J

    newegg store card

    Hi - I got approved for this card a couple days ago but want to make a purchase today. Is there a way I can find my card number? It asks for it at checkout but I dont have the card yet... Thank you!
  13. R

    How to get past 16GB RAM without Anytime Upgrade?

    I'm running Win 7 Home Premium x64, and I want to upgrade to 4x8GB of RAM. I can't find anywhere to upgrade to Win 7 Pro.
  14. S

    GTAV lost_steam account

    One of my best friends lost his Steam account.Someone gave him a Steam Message with a key logger link which stole his account.He had GTA V on the account.We played the game together a lot and I am wondering if he can at least get the game back using Social Club?
  15. S

    PNY GTX 670 any good?

    Is it worth getting a PNY GTX 670 even today? One going for £100, is it worth it? Currently playing GTA V. Thanks!
  16. B

    problems upgrading ethernet switch

    i upgraded to a new gig switch and now only one machine is working. I can use on any port but only the one device can connect. Any thoughts
  17. K

    how do i remove devices from dir-615

    I have multiple devices in my house and since I added a smart tv some of my other devices are getting dropped. How can I remove old devices.