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    I have bought a new motherboard for my son - MSI MAG B460 TORPEDO ATX LGA1200 Motherboard It has two Jrainbow jumpers for ARGB Fans, i want to get him x3 ARGB Fans, and an ARGB Heatsink-Fan. Any suggestions on how i do this as there are only two jumpers? Thanks Shenn
  2. KimPossible34

    [SOLVED] No aRGB on Z390 UD Motherboard ?

    Hey all, I just made a new account because of a question I had. A friend of mine recommended me ask on this forum because someone may have a solution. Essentially, this is my first time building a PC. I used pcpartpicker and some advice from friends on what parts to pick. I ended up going with...
  3. F

    [SOLVED] Where is the JRAINBOW socket on ASUS PRIME A320M-K?

    I have an ASUS PRIME A320M-K motherboard and there is nothing wrong with my pc, but I have a rear case fan with RGB which when the PC is on spins perfectly fine but I would like it to light up. On the instructions it says I need to plug it into a socket labelled "JRAINBOW" and I can't find it on...
  4. E

    Question JRAINBOW socket on X570 Pro Carbon WIFI

    Hello, I'm using MSI MPG X570 Pro Carbon WIFI motherboard. I bought a 5V adressable led strip from internet, the length of it is 150cm. It has 90 leds on the strip. I put the led in JRAINBOW socket but it didn't worked. After I read the user manual of motherboard, it says that " IMPORTANT ...