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  1. H

    Question Help with OC xeon x3440

    Currently I am using a xeon x3440 on my asus p7h55 m - lx mobo along with 6gb 1333mhz kingston ram. I was looking to OC my cpu with jumper free configuration on my BIOS but I am confused how to go use it. The BIOS has AI OC Tuner which I have no idea about. Since its a old mobo there are not...
  2. stormman34

    Question Really old ISA GPU not working

    So, in my school, me and my teacher are working on a really old model PC. It would be all open and could be taken apart for teaching purposes. We have this Trident graphics card in there but it isn't outputting any video. So my question is: Can this GPU be still functioning and the only problem...