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  1. R

    Question Small mouse freezes / jumps when opening certain applications

    Hi guys, I have something really weird going on with my PC. I just bought a brand new PC last week, but I have the same issue I got on my last build. My mouse freezes / jumps when opening or closing certain applications. It's almost always the same applications that cause this issue. It's not...
  2. Mq39

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 Changes Power Plan Automatically

    I recently built a new system about a month ago, and just now started noticing ryzen 5 3600 jumping in temps for no reason even on idle, I wanted to change my power plan to ryzen balanced , but after every 10 - 15 mins of my pc working or me restarting it, it changes back to ultimate...
  3. S

    which cooler will fit?

    Ight I have a i5-6600k , Asus z170-A mobo and a would like ripjaw v series 2x8g, Im looking for a cool that will fit these parts. Im cool with paying up to 90-100 for this. I really would prefer air coolers, not really looking to have a liquid cooler. Any ideas? PS; I want to overclock