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  1. H

    Question ASUS M32CD CPU HELP (i7-6700 to i7-7700K)

    Hello everybody! ~This is my first time making a thread on here, so bear with me For almost 4 years now, I have been using an ASUS VivoPC M32CD-B09 with an i7-6700 for everything (Gaming/Streaming/Editing/Homework) Over the years I have upgraded it with a new GPU, PSU, Ram, installed some...
  2. mkaafy

    [SOLVED] What would you do with a pair of 2400 MHz RAM?

    So, to keep it short, I have a pair of Corsair Vengeance LPX 2400 MHz 16 gigabytes (32 gigabytes in total) memories in a Kabylake build that I have been using. What's the best thing to do? Would you reuse it in a new Ryzen build? Or sell it, probably? Or just leave it in this build and buy a...
  3. S

    Question I7-7700k Still Good in 2020?

    Hi guys! I have had my PC for about a year now, the specs are thermaltake litepower 650 watts Rog strix b350_F mobo Ryzen 5 1400 oc'd @3.8ghz Tforce Delta 8x1 GB 2666mhz Rx 590 2 tb hdd 120 gb ssd 240mm AIO cooling. I want to switch out my CPU because i think its not sufficient to...
  4. Jose777

    Question Two Monitor

    Hello this is my first post. The reason of this post is to ask what monitor is better from these two specifically for console gaming.There mostly the same put I don't know which one BenQ - ZOWIE RL Series RL2455S 24" LCD FHD Monitor OR Asus VG245H 24 inch Full HD 1080p 1ms Dual HDMI Eye Care...
  5. SakeBrewer

    RAM - Laptop motherboard compatibility question

    Greetings, I need to upgrade a lenovo legion y520 laptop with new RAM. Here are the specs of both: Legion specs: CPU: Intel i7 7700HQ GPU: G.F. Gtx 1060 max-q 6gb ver. old RAM: 8gb single channel RAMAXEL. I don't know how to check for the platform model (Is it the 15ikbn or the other...
  6. F

    How to go about a CPU upgrade

    No longer satisfied with my i5-6500 for 144hz gaming so I'm looking to upgrade. GPU is 1070 8GB, motherboard is MSI B150M. Do I upgrade to i7-6700/7700 or should I go for a new motherboard with the option to overclock? I'm pretty lazy so I prefer the former, would go for a new MoBo only if it's...
  7. 1

    Running Games On Hard Drive

    So Basically, I have a PC at home but I would like to play video games at the library because that's where I spend most of my time after school. On the library computers you can't install softwares without an administrator's permission, probably to avoid viruses. But I found an alternative...
  8. M

    CPU really low and i cant change it

    Hello guys Basically my pc is messing up, i recently noticed in my fps and was so irritated , then i was looking at my cpu frequency and it was on 2.200ghz . My pc specs will be listed below Ryzen 2700X GTX 1080 12gb DDR4 Asus x470 f gaming strix Genome ii liquid cooled case cx600 cpu ssd...
  9. D

    Can my computer run the Titan Xp GPU?

    Hi, I'm building my first PC and i would like to to know if it can support the Titan X GPU. CPU: Ryzen 7 2700x PSU: CORSAIR HXi Series, HX750i RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB SSD: Samsung 860 EVO 1TB MONITOR: Samsung LC49HG90DMNXZA CHG90 Series Curved 49-Inch Gaming Monitor OS: Windows 10 PRO...
  10. V

    Pre-amp board connection.

    I have a 7.1 pre-amplifier and have to connect 8 different mono amplifiers to it (as i couldn't find a 7.1 amplifier for it), one for each channel like FL, FR, BL, BR, SL, SR, Centre and and Subwoofer. Every input for amplifier needs one + terminal, one - terminal and/or one GND terminal but my...
  11. R

    Fatal Error and more

    As of the last few months I have been getting fatal errors and crashes in all games and softwares. I usually have a game, OBS, discord, and stream labs open and it used to be fine. I'm not sure what happened. I didn't change anything and all of sudden out of no where my games would crash and...
  12. O

    Good/Silent cooler for I7-8700

    Hello I'm looking for a Good/Silent cooler 1- do not care if it was an air cooler or liquid cooler 2- I want the cooler to keep the processor cool even after long hours of games and editing during the day I apologize for my broken English (English is not my first language)
  13. M

    RTX 2080 compatibility

    Is an RTX 2080Ti or RTX 2080 compatible with ASUS PRIME Z270-A LGA1151
  14. C

    Recommended power supply for i5 8600k and gtx 1060 6gb asus strix

    I’ve thought about getting this power supply for my build, I have the parts above and also 8gbs of ram, looking to overclock as well, this is the psu I was talking about https://www.pcgarage.ro/surse/evga/bq-80-plus-bronze-650w/ thank you in advance
  15. C

    PC Build Advice

    Hello, I am looking to buy a new Gaming/Editing PC and went to CCL to help me build one - as I have never tried building one myself - but have found that by shopping around its a load cheaper to build myself. Therefore, I have created a list of parts - based on those that CCL used in the build...
  16. P

    PC turns on for a second and turn off

    Hi everyone! This is my new pc i5 8600 GTX 1070 16GB DDR4 2400mhz Asus H310 After install turns on and turns off no beep. What i tried: Switch rams or only 1 Clean everything Tested psu(Sharkoon 80% wpm 500w) After 2 hour of test I...
  17. H

    How is this build? Gaming/Light virtualization

    Hi guys, I am looking at getting the below build and was wondering whether there were any suggestions. Preferably not looking to spend any more unless the upgrades are noticeably worth it and not much more. The machine is going to be used for gaming and also some light virtualization (Few VMs...
  18. Christoffaloffagus

    PC price to sell

    I'm currently in need of money and need to sell my custom built gaming desktop, which I built about 2.5 years-ish ago. I have no clue what a fair selling price would be today. Specs: PSU: Corsair CP-9020076-UK Builder Series 550W CS550M ATX/EPS Gold Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z97X-GAMING-5 RAM...
  19. S

    Any way to use integrated Intel VGA if I have Display Port?

    Hello, guys. I would like to play a very old game, Beyond Good and Evil. But it runs very bad, with a lot of graphical glitches, on modern hardware. So, Ubisoft Customer Care, suggested me to use my integrated Intel graphic. But I have a GeForce GTX 1080 linked to my 144Hz monitor via Display...
  20. R

    Displayport to HDMI TV

    I have an HP PC with Nvidia Graphics Card and inbuilt card. On the Nvidia I have 2 monitors running via VGA. I also have a displayport socket which is on the onboard card. I am trying to run this to my PC using DP to HDMI adaptor, but I get no signal on the TV and the PC does not seem to...