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  1. maainux

    Question PCIe Gen4 ssd in PCIe Gen3x4 slot??

    Hello Experts, I am awaiting the delivery of Lenovo M75 gen 2 Tiny pc with Ryzen pro 5750ge which I will be using as proxmox based home server. It has only one PCIe Gen3×4 slot. As I will be recieving it as a bare minimum config, I plan to upgrade it to 1 TB nvme ssd and 32 GB 2400Mhz RAM. I...
  2. xenon2

    Question KC3000 odd behaviour

    So long story short... I have NVME KC3000 2TB drive that started to behave oddly (at best). Looks like sectors that was written long time ago (like 3mo+) are hard/slow to read. I've found similar thread but without resolution https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/is-my-ssd-too-slow.3779315/...
  3. Question Is my SSD too slow?

    When I try to copy files from one place of the SSD to another one, it seems really slow for what the SSD is capable of. I am wondering if this is normal behaviour or if there is something wrong. I am using a 4TB KC3000 M2 SSD. File tranfer seems slow?