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  1. N

    Question GPU Causing PC to Crash and Restart

    Hi guys, recently my pc has been freezing up, crashes then restarts automatically. - I believe it is GPU related as this occurs either during high gpu usage softwares(gaming) or awhile after closing the application/game. using the pc solely for internet surfing and zbrush results in no...
  2. D

    Question Help with Random Freeze/Restart

    My PC randomly freezes and restarts. The chances of it freezing/restarting seems to increase when I'm putting a load on my system (such as gaming). Only a few minutes of heavy gaming and it restarts. On the flip side, when I'm doing nothing at all (sitting on desktop) or doing minimal activity...
  3. S

    Question Encountering BSoD while using GPU intensive apps

    I have been experiencing this for about 4 months. It happens while I play games or launch any other application that puts the GPU to work. 5 minutes(or less) in the app, and my PC goes into a black screen state while the audio is stuttering, after about 10-15 seconds it restarts, but goes...
  4. T

    Question pc freezes randomly NO BSOD

    Hello guys i need your expertise My pc freezes randomly. Sometimes even at bios load, after 30 minutes or three days. No bsod or minidump file after crashing. Keyboard, mouse and sound stop at the same time. No any beep sound from any component. All temps are fine when crashing,gpu and cpu...
  5. E

    Question Headphones causing OS and/or system reboot

    Hello. I recently built my first PC. I built it mostly for gaming. I will put my specs at the bottom, after I describe my issue. Today, about 3 hours into my gaming session (which had run smoothly up to this point), the PC resets. A few seconds of black screen. My monitor gets confused and...
  6. xMenace

    Question Event 41 Kernel Power BSOD

    I have an 8086K @ 5.2Ghz with very good cooling (H150i), yet when I play Rainbow Six Siege, and this only happens in Siege, I periodically get Event 41 Kernel Power BSOD (From Event Viewer). "The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system...
  7. S

    Asus UX331UN good for programming and a little gaming?

    I'm gonna be in college in about 2 months and need a good light laptop for hackathons and internships which require me to do a lit bit of work on my laptop. And I'll also be playing games like GTA5, Dying Light on the weekends. I'm okay with playing them at 1080P and Normal settings. Is Asus...
  8. S

    Memory changed from 2*2=4gb to 8*1= 8gb

    I am using dell laptop latitude e5501 ram is 4gb. When i change the ram to 8*1 gb it doest work. I can see in bios slot 1/2 8192 ram imstalled, memory available 8056, memory speed 1067 but i cant go post that. I am using win 10, it is showing win 10 loading but after that it is giving...
  9. R

    Low FPS on Dedicated Graphics (Low performance games)

    I run on a Gtx 1050ti i7 7700HQ which is PRETTY fucking solid. I can run games like the Witcher 3 on High in 60 fps and other high-end games like Insurgency on Ultra in 80 fps. But I found out that games like Minecraft and Geometry Dash stutter horribly when I try and use my Nvidia card on them...
  10. J

    Gtx 980 - gtx 970

    Well im planning on buying a new pc by the end of the month and im really confused abou my gpu here the build im going for : Cpu : core i7 4790k 4.0G cpu : cooler : corsair h100i mobo : asus maximus vii hero ram : corsair vengeans pro 8gb (2x4) Ssd : samung 850 evo 120gb hdd : wd black 1tb Psu ...
  11. D

    losted my printer cd

    i have lost my cd of canon printer lbp 2900b please help me out of it