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  1. A

    [SOLVED] Pressing left alt key presses 4 other keys, not left alt... bug or feature?

    Hello there! I have an Asus ROG Claymore keyboard from 2019. I've noticed some issues in the past months where whenever I sync it with AuraSync, all my other ROG devices (Fusion 500 and Gladius II) seem to get the note but the Claymore keeps blacking out (only on Sync mode, not on individual...
  2. M

    Question $150 to $200 to replace two keyboard keys worth it?

    Hello, I've recently been having issues with two of the keys on my laptop's keyboard, the z key and the Windows key. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the keyboard driver, spraying compressed air under the keys in question, all that stuff, to no avail. I've come to the conclusion that...
  3. ReubenDre

    Question My w key acts like a windows key

    whenever i press the w key it acts like im pressing the Windows Key I tried it on the on screen keyboard and whenever i pressed it, it showed me that i was pressing the windows key please help i need my w key to work again
  4. N

    [SOLVED] Alt Button Deselects Window

    When you press the Alt button, without pressing anything else, it appears to reset whatever window is selected. Whatever you might be clicking on, it is reset, and your selection is ignored. In a web browser, for example, if you have a text box open and press alt, you can't keep typing. If you...
  5. M

    Asus Zephyrus G14 spacebar/keyboard issue

    Hello. I was just wondering if it is just me or if someone else is having this issue. When I press the spacebar it only register like 50% of the time. I have to press it right in the middle for it to work 100%. When i press more to the bottom or the the left of the spacebar, the issue starts...
  6. Slimpar

    [SOLVED] Locked out of windows 10 (organization account)

    I've been using a student version of windows 10 on my home pc because it was offered for free by my university. I asked them multiple times if I would still have access to it after graduating, and they all said yes. Lo and behold when I try to log in now I get a message "you can not log in with...
  7. anna.gucc

    [SOLVED] Some of the keys in my keyboard are often late to respond.

    2 particular letters of my HP laptop's keyboard, the L and the O, and sometimes the P and the 9 (all next to each other) don't work. I don't have any idea why: I don't remember when it started, probably some months ago. I'm a bit messy, so I thought maybe some food went into them or any types...
  8. U

    Question Keyboard key not working anywhere but game

    So a button 3 is not working, i wrote this one on numpad but the one above letters isnt working on web browser, notepad, calculator... only place it works is on CoD modern warfare i can call killstreaks with it, so the key works but it isnt registered outside the game. When i set the keyboard...
  9. H

    [SOLVED] How to check to which Microsoft account my Windows Product key has been linked

    I have recently started looking into upgrading my CPU/Mobo/RAM. And I understand that I will have to be certain when upgrading hardware to make sure I have a digitally linked Windows product key. Luckily I have upgraded from Windows 7, to 10 long ago and thus have a digitally linked Product key...
  10. D

    [SOLVED] Keyboard key wont work (Razer Blackwidow Elite)

    Just got a Razer blackwidow elite and i noticed the num pad 9 key didnt work, but i went onto keyboard tester and it did show that i clicked the key but wouldnt type. So i downloaded key tweak and just made the key 9 the same for the num pad 9 key, so its just mirroring it so it works. But now...
  11. M

    Question Both CTRL keys not working

    Hi, i am sorry if i am asking this in the wrong section. Anyways, both ctrl keys stopped working suddenly yesterday. I tried cleaning it but no luck. So i uninstalled the keyboard drivers from device manager and restarted my pc and ctrl started working again. Then i turned it off at night...
  12. Question Buy keys separately

    Good Morning. I would like to know if anyone knows any pages that sell spare keys for notebooks. The D key of my ASUS ROG GL553-VD was broken and I need to replace it. Please, those who know, leave the link in comments or send me a private message with the link. Thank you.
  13. abduABS

    Question How can I Hardware reset my redragon keyboard?

    Hi, I'd like to know how can I reset the Redgraon K550 yama keyboard as the the rec button for the macro keys is not working.
  14. J

    Question Does bit locker always ask for recovery key when connected via USB?

    Hi, I have a laptop with bit locker encryption. I replaced my hard with another non encrypted hard disk and installed fresh windows on it. Now when plug my encrypted drive via usb3 and tries to bot via it.... bit locker asks for recovery key which i can provide and boot from it. My questions...
  15. Question Key keep falling off

    My acer aspire e14 "W" key keep falling off. I have tried putting it back several times but if I press at the bottom of the "W" key it will fall off again. Does it need glue or something? Can someone teach me how to put it back ? Thank you The clip is not broken i think The "W" key
  16. asasasssasssasssassss

    Question Spilled water on my Tecware Phantom 87 how to fix it ?

    So i spilled 200ml of water on my keyboard. It works fine except for the backlighting it works but goes haywire when plugged in. For now i have resorted to using the rice trick for the keyboard. Any other methods ?
  17. R

    Question Logitech G13 keys virtually stuck - software problem

    Recently, my G13 has had a type of "sticky key" issue. There is no grime in the key. I am quite certain this is a software issue, although I am having trouble discovering the source. Periodically, ANY one of the G keys will "stick" and remain virtually pressed for a few seconds. While "stuck"...
  18. S

    Question can I bind a key to change resolutions?

    I have a few resolutions on NVIDIA control panel that I use and I was wondering if there was a way to bind the keys so that I could just change the resolutions like that. Is this possible and if so, how?
  19. B

    [SOLVED] Computer eligible for Windows 10 key?

    Hello all! Straight to the point: Is there any way to check if a computer is eligible for a valid Windows 10 key before installing? I have a 4/5 year old mini-pc lying around. It currently runs Win7. I don't remember if it came with no OS or if with Win8 and downgraded. Thanks!
  20. B

    [SOLVED] Cloning disc image of activated Windows 10 to other PC

    Hello all! I have an activated copy of Windows 10 on my main PC. However, I will be moving and will be without that computer for up to 2 months. I want to clone the OS (Win10 plus all my apps and settings) to a laptop in the meantime. There might be a bit of an overlap, meaning I would have...