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  1. M

    Question What's the size of Noctua's Allen Key?

    Noctua supplies an Allen key with at least some of its CPU coolers, for example, the NH-U14S TR4-SP3. It's kind of short and I want to get a longer one. Does anyone know its (diameter)?
  2. A

    Question Asus GL553VD (strix) key broke

    Hey guys, the "K" key fell from my laptop's keyboard. After checking, I see it's unfixable. obviously I checked with the lab in my country (Israel) and the told me the fix is not covered by warranty + it will take 30-45 days to fix it - I cannot stand it. I need to purchase a replacement for...
  3. abduABS

    Question How can I Hardware reset my redragon keyboard?

    Hi, I'd like to know how can I reset the Redgraon K550 yama keyboard as the the rec button for the macro keys is not working.
  4. M

    Question Does anyone know what's wrong with my laptop keyboard?

    Hi, i don't know if this problem is a serious one but something happened with it for the past few days until i finally just cleaned the keyboard by using a damp cloth and then shaking stuff out and then it fixed..for now at least. I'll try to explain what i mean and I didn't know what was...
  5. J

    Question Does bit locker always ask for recovery key when connected via USB?

    Hi, I have a laptop with bit locker encryption. I replaced my hard with another non encrypted hard disk and installed fresh windows on it. Now when plug my encrypted drive via usb3 and tries to bot via it.... bit locker asks for recovery key which i can provide and boot from it. My questions...
  6. Question Key keep falling off

    My acer aspire e14 "W" key keep falling off. I have tried putting it back several times but if I press at the bottom of the "W" key it will fall off again. Does it need glue or something? Can someone teach me how to put it back ? Thank you The clip is not broken i think The "W" key
  7. asasasssasssasssassss

    Question Spilled water on my Tecware Phantom 87 how to fix it ?

    So i spilled 200ml of water on my keyboard. It works fine except for the backlighting it works but goes haywire when plugged in. For now i have resorted to using the rice trick for the keyboard. Any other methods ?
  8. R

    Question Logitech G13 keys virtually stuck - software problem

    Recently, my G13 has had a type of "sticky key" issue. There is no grime in the key. I am quite certain this is a software issue, although I am having trouble discovering the source. Periodically, ANY one of the G keys will "stick" and remain virtually pressed for a few seconds. While "stuck"...
  9. S

    Question can I bind a key to change resolutions?

    I have a few resolutions on NVIDIA control panel that I use and I was wondering if there was a way to bind the keys so that I could just change the resolutions like that. Is this possible and if so, how?
  10. B

    [SOLVED] Computer eligible for Windows 10 key?

    Hello all! Straight to the point: Is there any way to check if a computer is eligible for a valid Windows 10 key before installing? I have a 4/5 year old mini-pc lying around. It currently runs Win7. I don't remember if it came with no OS or if with Win8 and downgraded. Thanks!
  11. B

    [SOLVED] Cloning disc image of activated Windows 10 to other PC

    Hello all! I have an activated copy of Windows 10 on my main PC. However, I will be moving and will be without that computer for up to 2 months. I want to clone the OS (Win10 plus all my apps and settings) to a laptop in the meantime. There might be a bit of an overlap, meaning I would have...
  12. R

    [SOLVED] Mouse middle click not working

    I have a Logitech G300s mouse. It was working just fine up to a couple of days back, when I noticed that the middle click just stopped working. The scroll wheel itself is fine, because the mouse scrolls perfectly fine, but the middle click isn't getting detected. I've tried uninstalling and...
  13. M

    PC Won’t login / stay on

    So I sorta had this issue before. I installed connectify, a program, and after right away like last time or the next day, when I launched my pc it brings me to the login page and right away says incorrect user or pass, then I press ok type in my right password, it spins for a little bit And then...
  14. E

    Can't play ark survival evolved on my pc

    So I downloaded the game because I owned it on xbox and its an xbox play anywhere title which means i f I have on xbox I can get it for pc but when I downloaded on my pc it opens for a second then closes so idk what to do
  15. NDDU Julius BSIT

    Is the G4600 paired with a 750Ti a good Gaming and Graphic editing PC?

    Planning to start with a 7th gen Intel platform and since the G4560 isn't available, prices for the G4600 came down and there is a local shop here that offers a CPU+Motherboard bundle. I currently have a GTX 750Ti in my system and I am planning to sell the rest of the components leaving the PSU...
  16. G

    WIndows won't allow access to a folder.

    I'm trying to install Java for a friend of mine, but every time I try to run the .exe the message "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item." They're the only user on the computer, and are then (obviously) the...
  17. S

    best cpu for cs:go , rising storm 2 , overwatch and game streaming

    so im building my pc very soon and I was wondering for what cpu should I go. I am gonna be streaming these games which you can see in the thread title. I am on a budget so im looking for intel i5's or ryzen 5 cpus the max im gonna spend on the cpu is 190 dollars so guys can you suggest me anything?
  18. N

    Really need help with my GTX1080!

    Recently I followed Jayztwocents' guide to OC'ing and I did so without touching voltage. I did it using MSI Afterburner and was at about 170% on core clocks when I noticed artifacts so I bumped it down and tried to restart my computer. After that, I could never boot up with my 1080 again...
  19. N

    Possible to build a new desktop around an old MBP HDD?

    Hi, I have an older MacBook Pro that is likely going to give out in the next year to two years. I'm looking to take the HDD from that MBP which has as verified version of OSX on it, and then build a tower around it with new hardware chosen from mac compatible hardware. Does anyone know if this...
  20. J

    please help with my nzxt h440

    i have recently purchased a NZXT h440 case for my build which is now completed, but i do not know how to configure the intake and exhaust for my fans, so far i am running 3 120s for exhaust up front, and 3 140s for the intakes in the back and front. also, the two 140s up top have to stay as an...