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  1. Emma0_0

    Question My RGB EZI keyboard has issues.

    When I bought the PC and turned it on, I noticed that I couldn't type properly. When I pressed a key, it would make a sound and type the same key multiple times, and I had to wait for a few seconds. Until I pressed the button to turn off the keyboard light (Scroll Lock), and the problem was...
  2. J

    Question PC stutters for a second then peripherals stop working

    Z490 AORUS XTREME Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-10900KF CPU @ 3.70GHz, 3696 Mhz, 10 Core(s), 20 Logical Processor(s) 1863GB Samsung SSD 970 EVO Plus 2TB corsair vengeance RBG Pro Ddr4 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti (MSI) AX850 - 850 Watt 80 plus Been having this problem for a few weeks now and I have...
  3. LORYT699

    Question Hot swappable keyboards

    Hi, I m tyred of weak keyboards with this cherry mx switchclone that last 4 month and then die so the question. Some hot swappable keyboard?I mean full(104) and if possible ita layout, as cheap as possible but at the same type not trash, I mean 40+ is ok if is actually something that last the...
  4. S

    Question How do I turn off this light? (Redragon K596 Vishnu)

    Hey ppl! I have a Redragon K596 Vishnu. How do I turn off this light? It wont let me upload an image.
  5. B

    Question How can I use PS/2 keyboard on a ROG Z790e ?

    I recently upgraded my PC and my old keyboard is a Packard Bell 5139. The Z790e doesn't have a PS/2 port. I would like to use that over this cheap logitech keyboard, but I am unsure if PS/2 to USB adapters actually work. I had a cheap one laying around and it didn't seem to work. Does anyone...
  6. ElThunderCloud

    Question Razer Cynosa Pro keyboard has stopped registering "Spacebar + "D" ?

    My Razer Cynosa Pro RZ03-0147 keyboard has stopped registering the Spacebar+D combination, instead only D goes through. It's fine for W/S/A+Spacebar but it's just D that breaks it for some reason. I know some keyboards don't support certain key combinations but considering it's a gaming keyboard...
  7. R

    Question Win10 Keyboard Right Arrow key returns Right and Left Arrow key & Right Alt Key returns Alt and Ctrl Key

    The keyboard works perfectly on other pc and laptop I have tried uninstalling all peripheral related drivers My BIOS and Windows are up to date This issue is seen even in BIOS when i used search bar and used arrow keys Only Right Arrow key is held down, but returns Right and Left arrow key ...
  8. RifouLeonards

    Question "Weird" issue with Dell Inspiron 15 7577

    Hey everyone, hope y'all are doing great... I have a Dell Inspiron 15 7577 laptop, precisely the i5-7300HQ version, lately I've been getting a "weird" problem with its keyboard... the keys (2,z,s,x) as well as the CapsLock don't work, but when I plug in a USB drive or mouse or basically anything...
  9. Iwasinelfpha1

    Question No monitor display or keyboard lights (was working fine just a day ago) so what’s going on?

    As title says, my monitor won’t display and the keyboard is not lighting up. My computer was working just as of yesterday but suddenly went black screen and the keyboard lights shut off. The fans, leds, and everything else were still running including the microphone lights. There is definitely...
  10. yamakoto120

    Question Any ws(desktop) to laptop hardware connectivity solution ?

    Hello, I am currently having a workstation(desktop) near me, and a laptop. I need to hardware-control my wstation with my laptop. The workstation cannot use any remote desktop software of any kind. Ideally, I would need some type of device or something, that would connect my workstation's...
  11. Leon6666

    Question Electric piano USB blocked

    Hello, I just purchased a cheap electric piano to learn on. The back has a plug that days USB but is covered by some sort of plastic, I'm not sure if I. Supposed to break it or what? Why would it be there is I couldn't actually plug in a usb?
  12. J

    Question Mechanical Keyboard W key not 'holding' I hold the key and sometimes it stops and starts again.

    Hi Guys, So I have a mechanical keyboard, its like 2 years old. My W key for some reason when I play games and I am running by holding W sometimes it jumps/stutters. So Like lets say Im holding W for 10 seconds sometimes it will stop after a few seconds for like 1ms so that instead of...
  13. F

    [SOLVED] Best Keyboard for programming

    I'm looking for a new keyboard that I can for prolonged periods of time. I'm a developer so I need something that'll be both comfortable and will work with my carpal tunnel. Currently using cherry mx red and the keyboard is kinda high for me. Requirements: 100~120 USD at most Lightweight Ten...
  14. J

    Question Best Budget Keyboard

    So hey guys! I just want some opinions or suggestions for a good budget keyboard. Im looking to replace my 6 year old cooler master keyboard. Right now I'm choosing between Anne pro 2, Machenike k7, and keychron k2 or k4. I'm from the Philippines. Any more suggestions?
  15. W

    [SOLVED] Which should I buy for gaming -- a good Membrane keyboard or a cheap Mechanical one (Outemu) ?

    Some of my Options Membrane Budget Mechanical Any Recommendation for 40 - 50 $ (4000INR) ?
  16. benik89

    [SOLVED] Win10 doesn't detect Keyboard after Reset

    Hi, i did a reset on my Win10 PC, keeping all the files, but now neither keyboard nor mouse are being detected and im stuck on login screen. (Keyboard works fine in BIOS) I already did some troubleshooting since there are some posts about this topic, but so far nothing worked: -Disabled USB...
  17. user12345lol

    Question Input delay when I use a side button of the mouse after the keyboard

    Hi guys, I need help regarding this issue. I use this PC only for gaming so this is my primary function. I've experienced a lot of input lag on my side mouse buttons after using the keyboard to perform a basic action. Right now my main game is Fortnite, if you have played it recently, you know...
  18. polismi20

    [SOLVED] Varmilo VA87M vs Ducky One 2 TKL vs Drop Ctrl

    I want to get one of these keyboards and I can't decide which one to get. If people with any experience with any of these keyboards could provide input that would be great.
  19. Z

    [SOLVED] A520 Aorus Elite USB keyboard lags

    Hello, I have a problem with USB 2.0 ports on Aorus Elite A520 motherboard. There are four USB 2.0 ports internally conected as HUB on back side of MB. When I connect USB keyboard to any of these USB 2.0 ports , then keyboard is laggy during writing and somtimes it stuck on one pressed button a...
  20. thePROshil

    [SOLVED] I have a Gamdias Hermes Lite keyboard and after installing Hera software it stopped working

    I have been using this keyboard for 3 years and I've never faced this issue. I found out about Hera software and installed it on my PC. The s/w kept stopping and didn't work properly. So i uninstalled the s/w just to find out that my keyboard stopped working too. The num lock key lights up when...
  21. jointthegame

    Replace the Keyboard on Lenovo Legion Y530

    Firat of all hello all users, i'm new on the forum :). I have a small question has anyone ever replaced the keyboard on the LEGION Y530?, i just ordered one and would like to do it correctly i would really appreciate your help! :). Sorry for my English i'm from Poland. Wish you a nice Weekend .
  22. Abdu112

    [SOLVED] Half of keyboard keys not working

    i have an acer aspire v5-471 that has half of its keys not functioning, all number keys except 1 and 3 don't work, all the f keys do not work, and a couple of other keys, only the lower half of the keyboard works along with the letters( except i and o). I tried opening the key caps but it does...
  23. kadebrandon5

    [SOLVED] Keyboard Issues

    Please help.... So my keyboard will work fine for a couple of hours/minutes then the num lock key will start blinking and it won't work. Then I have to unplug it and plug it back in. It will work fine for a couple of minutes then will shut off again. I have tried plugging it in all USB...
  24. Ender15m

    Fixing laptop Keyboard

    I'm in need of some help. My laptop is an HP Pavilion x360 Convertible 14-cd0xxx. Some of the letters on the keyboard have stopped working, so for school I've been using it mainly at home and using a separate keyboard plugged in. It's been getting really old and I'm going to need my laptop a lot...
  25. L

    Question Brand new keyboard not working.

    I just bought a brand new keyboard and mouse combo, Mouse is working fine but the keyboard doesn't, I tried the keyboard on my other PC and it's working perfectly fine. Now I'm stuck using my old keyboard that works on my PC. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  26. bossiermeteor27

    [SOLVED] Should i buy the GMMK from Glorious with the Gaterons or another keyboard that has genuine brown switches?

    GMMK Compact ~ I'm looking at other keyboards on Amazon and other websites. If I do buy the gmmk, what switches would be best if transitioning from a cherry blue keyboard? Looking for a keyboard, that's good for CS...
  27. N

    Question Similar unresponsive input issue in different games?

    Don't know where to start but I played Remnant from the ashes on steam with a wireless xbox one controller and RB stopped working. For those who don't know what Remnant is? It's more or less Dark souls with guns. Instead of magic you have weapon mods, grenade launchers, turrets, shields, which...
  28. L

    Question Budget wireless Keyboard recommendations

    Hello , so i was searching for wireless keyboards and those mechanical are so attractive and i don't really wanna spend money on something that is not that necessary . I basically found this guy : Royal Kludge rk61 and it's mechanical and wireless and has a good price 40-50 euros . Or i can...
  29. S

    Question Delayed typing after power failure while using my pc

    After we had a power failure in our house while I was using my pc, my typing is now delayed all over windows programs. When I am typing, the characters are typed way slower on my screen than I am typing. This really annoys me and makes me "misstype" much more because of that. I have like 65...
  30. S

    Question Keyboard not working when turning on the PC

    I recently got a anne pro 2 keyboard, everything is fine, but when i shut down the computer and turn it back on the keyboard isn't working unless i replug it, but the led's work. Anybody have an idea on how to fix it
  31. M

    instal 8.1 on asus transformer

    this is probably on here but I can't find it.... I have an asus t100taf transformer.... it runs win8.1 on the tablet.. has 32gb sdd and 128gb sd card in the tablet PLUS 500gb hdd in the dock the tablet runs fine, with or without dock BUT there is no way to install and run "proper" programs...