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  1. S

    Question My ESC key on my keyboard is W when i type it.

    Every time i press my ESC key on my keyboard it types in W, so i was wondering if anyone could tell me how i reconfigure my keyboard so that my ESC key works as an ESC key and not a W key.
  2. D

    [SOLVED] Input delay on windows ten after factory reset

    Recently i was having problems with my two monitor set up cos i was making my monitor 60hz so i was forced to factory reset my pc. Having factory reset my pc, I Opitmized it and installed the latest drivers but for some reason when playing games( namely fortnite) I have been feeling a ton of...
  3. A

    Question Keyboard problems

    Hey, I have a Varmilo VA88M keyboard, i've had it for a few months without any problems, but now, yesterday, from nowhere, my keyboard started acting weird, so basically, Alt is Switched to WIN, When pressing down WIN, both CTRL and ALT is pressed down. FN doesn't work. rgb light strength key...
  4. A

    Question Keyboard keys mapping issue

    Okay so i recently reinstalled windows 10 on my computer, and when it all was done, my shift button and my capslock button was switched. I installed SharpKeys to remap the keys in regedt. But then i noticed that also the windows key didn't work, as well as my function button and all that. The...
  5. Benedict R

    Question Mouse and keyboard is malfunctioning when playing League of Legends

    Hey guys! I was wondering if someone could help me with my problem. Well my problem is that when I play League of Legends my mouse and keyboard keeps malfunctioning, both keeps stopping and working again and again, it happens throughout the whole game and it is really irritating. Can someone...
  6. J

    Question My Peripherals wont work

    Hello there I recently upgraded my PC GPU to a MSI GTX 970 from what i believe was a GT 440 (Model No.P1062-000B) or a gt 660). Anyways i removed my old gpu and installed the new gpu and connected it to the psu using the connectors. However when i tried booting it, the peripherals in all the...
  7. Itjesus

    Question Ducky one 2 mini - no power

    Hello I hope whoever is reading this is having a good day so far. So.. I have a ducky one 2 mini that has no power. I was trouble shooting my PC with the power off and disconnected all USB’s from every port and when reconnecting everything I noticed that my ducky wasnt lighting up. So I tried a...
  8. S

    Question Keyboard only works in bios

    Hi, I plugged in my old ps3 controller to my PC, then suddenly my keyboard and mouse stopped working. After few reset I got my mouse to work, however my keyboard still doesn't work. It only works in BIOS. I decided to plug in my other keyboard and it does work. When I'm in device manager and I'm...