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  1. imkrishnasarathi

    Question Cosmic Byte Pandora Key Not Working (Loose) - Help needed

    I have a cosmic byte Pandora keyboard. The control key of my keyboard is not working as intended. The switch is kinda loose and can be pulled or pushed in the socket. As a result when the key is pulled a bit the key is working as intended but when a bit of pressure falls on it, the key becomes...
  2. Mahmoud_Magdy

    Question Bloody b760 suddenly died

    i bought the b760 and ran for 2 minutes and suddenly it died , i replaced it from the same seller within 24 hours , but the exact same issue happened again ,no lights , no responds , nothing at all.
  3. N

    Question GPU fan not spinning ?

    Okay. So. About two weeks ago my pc shut off. I opened up the case and found somehow I had knocked over my vape mod, and e liquid spilled directly onto the GPU. I replaced the GPU (it was put into the secondary PCIe lane since it wasn’t fitting in the first one) with a AMD RYZEN 5500 XT...
  4. Okidokiman

    Question No keyboard input on my new pc

    Hi everyone, So I've built my first pc in over 10 years and decided it would be a fun challenge to build my first sff build. And it sure was a challenge. Now that it seems to all fit inside I have tried to boot the system for the first time and am greeted with the message " New CPU installed...
  5. breezett93

    Question Keyboard/Mouse work on Win 10 ssd but not Win 7 ssd

    I just finished a new build on an Asrock z690 pg riptide. In addition to installing Windows 10, I also brought over my Win 7 ssd from my previous build Asus z97 pro. At first, UEFI only gave me one boot option. So, after disabling Secure Boot, I could try booting to Win 7. Keyboard and mouse...
  6. M

    Question gigabyte h410m s2h error windows 7 installing

    please help me i have h410m s2h gigabyte moth.. i need to install windows 7 raw but keyboard and mouse hang and not working when installation start particulary during choose time and relegion and keyboard language please help me i need this verision . some important note 1-i install another...
  7. L

    Question Keyboard and mouse not working

    My friend is having an issue with both his keyboard and mouse he's saying that they aren't working, he tried other keyboards and mice's but it's still not working he tried unplugging stuff and moving the plug still not working also his other peripherals are working so no clue
  8. Thyalex

    Question Getting input lag when gaming but not when doing other stuff (google,word,etc) ?

    Helped a friend upgrade his PC with a new gpu and psu everything is running good except the fact that when he tries to play a game he gets input lag from his keyboard and mouse when gaming only. When he doesnt game its fine, any help ?
  9. Thegr8ashish

    Question Keys being pressed randomly... Help!

    Hello, Few days back randomly my mouse started sliding on its own, I tried unplugging and reinstalling the driver didn't worked but after few days it got fixed on it's own but now my keys on my keyboard started pressing on its own randomly, and it's making me impossible to navigate or do...
  10. Ryagoft

    Question Mouse and keyboard stop working after some time.

    Greetings, I'm trying to fix this issue where both my mouse and keyboard disconnect randomly after some time (can be 10 minutes up to a few yours). My mouse is the Razer Viper mini and my keyboard the ducky one 2 mini. Strangely somehow when this happens both the keyboard and mouse still light...
  11. W

    Question PC sometimes wont boot past bios.

    I built my girlfriends pc a couple months ago and everything worked fine. now for the past week her pc will boot to the asus screen where it wants her to go into the bios but it wont accept inputs from her keyboard no matter what she does, and sometimes it will randomly go past this and work...
  12. Y.D

    [SOLVED] keyboard is not functioning on windows area, but it work properly when i open apps like word or browser

    Hi everyone Today i got a second hand laptop and have an strange issue with that. its a Lenovo Thinkpad A275 windows 10 i have an strange problem, when trying to type to search something on taskbar or even type password for WIFI, nothing happens. i tried even external keyboard still the same...
  13. TommySh2000

    Question Monitor and Usbs stopped working

    Hi, i have a 7 years old computer. I have asus m5a97le r2.0 motherboard and amd fx6300 procesor with gtx 650ti. My monitor and keyboard with mouse stopped working. They shines but dont work. It can be problem with USBs because monitor need to react with mouse or keyboard to turn on, but i dont...
  14. Millsy95

    [SOLVED] KB&M working before boot and Bios. Not anymore.

    Hey Brainstrust, TLDR KB&M don't work anymore for Bios with Windows10 USB inserted when before, they did. So I recently completed my first PC build, and managed to get everything together correctly. Upon booting up, I plugged in my KB&M in and everything connected perfectly without any...
  15. R

    Question Windows 10 Keyboard and Mouse Not Working On Startup and Welcome Screen

    Hi, I was just wondering if anybody is able to help me with this problem. I have a Windows 10 computer and my welcome screen is stuck with the time and date displayed, but that's it. Also, my keyboard and mouse isn't working (I've tried different mouse and keyboard, but it doesn't work) during...
  16. lokodata

    Discussion How to fix keyboard that cannot long press instead type a lot of input and types 2 or 3 input when typing normally.

    Hi. I am in dire need of your help. I added a new ram and replaced my monitor, then after I opened my pc the keyboard starts working funny. this is how it usually work without Filter keys: TTHIS ISS HHOW I NORMALLLYY TTYYPE WWITTHOUTT FILTTER KKEYYSS. 1st solution I tried is filter keys...
  17. Lapalap

    [SOLVED] [HELP] Keyboard and Mouse disconnecting when working on After Effects 2021

    Hello, I recently got an entirely new system which is my work station for Graphic related work and it works perfectly except for one issue. Whenever I work After Effects the keyboard and Mouse keep getting disconnected and reconnected. This happens so frequently that it just becomes impossible...
  18. Frennox

    [SOLVED] Ps2 keyboard not working on Windows 10

    I have a weird issue with my keyboard. I found an old IBM model M like keyboard and I love it, but it's not working on my windows 10 computer. When the computer boot all the lights (Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll) turn on and never changed and the keys don't work or affect the lights. My...
  19. P

    Question USB ports turning off randomly which affects my mouse and keyboard

    When I'm playing games my keyboard and mouse will turn off and the only way to turn them back on again is by restarting my pc. I've already tried uninstalling the universal serial bus controllers, updating windows and motherboard. Are there any other solutions like updating BIOS? When I un-plug...
  20. H

    [SOLVED] Some keyboard keys stop working seemengly at random ?

    I have an asus ROG GL752VW laptop,it s 4 years old. Recently(a bit more than a month) I noticed some keys would stop working at first try (mainly Q,TAB,1,sometimes others like M E etc). The thing is they usually dont work on the first shot(normal) press,but if I press the key for 5 seoncds it...
  21. L

    [SOLVED] Wireless Keyboard only power up for a second

    Hello my friend, i was buying a wireless keyboard mouse combo from philips 4 days ago online from its official store, and it finally came to my house this afternoon. After opening it, i'm realizing the only thing working fine is the mouse. For the keyboard, it was only powered for a second...
  22. v4g4x

    [SOLVED] USB Drivers are messed up, keyboard and mouse doesn’t work after Windows boots.

    I thought I’d update my USB drivers while I was updating my sound driver but it gave installation problems. My keyboard and mouse stop working. I thought it’s temporary. so I reboot. Lo and behold, after I boot into Windows, suddenly I can’t use any USB port anymore. Rebooting into safe mode...
  23. T

    [SOLVED] PC No Signal to Monitor, Mouse, and Keybord

    Hey everyone, I’ve been having some recent issues with my current build. Currently the PC is failing to post and fails to find a video signal through my GPU or on boarding graphics thru the mobo. This happened in the middle of playing games one night and I haven’t been able to fix it since...
  24. T

    [SOLVED] Keyboard won’t work on new PC

    So I just finished up a new rig and I went to boot up and get into the bios to start the windows installation process and I realized my keyboard isn’t working, it’s not lit up and hitting del to get into bios did nothing so I tried every other USB port and same issue any idea how to fix this?
  25. ParaPotatoes

    [SOLVED] mouse and keyboard not working on new computer

    I just replaced everything in my old computer except for my graphics card, ssd, and hard drive. everything works fine in bios but when I reach windows 7 login screen my keyboard and mouse stop working. motherboard: B450 aorus m cpu: AMD ryzen 5 3600 gpu: 8gb radeon rx 580 ram: 2 8gb DDR4...
  26. O

    [SOLVED] Keyboard and mouse turns on PC from sleep immediately

    I used a y cable to wired my keyboard and mouse into a single USB. It sounds complicated but the mouse and keyboard works while sharing 1 USB port I have a USB c cord that plugs from my PC to keyboard. I decided to buy multiple extenders and converters. 1. Plugged the USB c end into a USB c to...
  27. D

    Question Keyboard Problem

    I have a working keyboard and it lights up when I turn on the device But when the device is running, I cannot write
  28. Eggplanetx


    I got a computer from my brother that he didnt want because its not portable so I factory reset it, after it loaded all its stuff it asked me my region to help set up the computer and the mouse and keyboard didnt work like they werent plugged in! Brother says he doesnt know whats going on and it...
  29. V

    Question SCPToolKit Destroyed my pc

    hey peeps, So i was using scptoolkit for my ps3 controller to play gtaV since it was free on epic. Then today it started to bug the controller didnt work so i reinstalled the driver using the scp software. Then my whole pc started to bug . When i tried to install the driver for the ps3 (correct...
  30. Bassplate

    Question Laptop Acer Aspire 5 Keyboard and mouse suddenly stopped Working.

    Hi Guys I'm having a strange issue with an Acer Aspire A515-51G-737T....The Keyboard of the laptop worked fine when later some of the keyboard buttons/keys did no longer work. So i Got a USB Keyboard to work on and then later on the mouse pad of the laptop started to get laggy and struggles to...
  31. TVic97

    [SOLVED] Computer won't recognize keyboard and mouse at login

    Hi, Not the first person to ever ask this but my computer will not recognize my keyboard and mouse at login. I am using a ssd that already has windows 7 from my previous build. I upgraded my cpu and motherboard and on the first boot up they were recognized in BIOS but once windows starts they...
  32. thegub

    [SOLVED] PC Black-screens but still remains on- no display on monitors and keyboard and mouse switches off

    Hi there, I have a frustrating issue prolonging for a long 6-month period whereby my computer randomly stops outputting a display to both of my monitors and my keyboard and mouse dies. This usually happens when playing games under stress, but today especially I had trouble booting it up...
  33. michaelscottgilbert

    Question What to test when mouse, keyboard and monitor turn off?

    Hello, I am looking for a checklist of what I need to test on my rig after experiencing the mouse, keyboard and monitor turning off and the computer remains powered on other wise. I am forced to perform a PSU turn off as power buttons on case are unresponsive. I have tested and passed RAM with...
  34. ftuzzohra


    So here's the issue I'm having. I installed a windows update. Then my keyboard stopped working and the internet wouldnt connect either. So I did the whole restore system to an earlier date thing. And the keyboard only worked sometimes. Then I updated the drivers. Restated and started getting a...
  35. Noammi26

    [SOLVED] My USB's Don't work

    Hey, I've recently had a problem with my computer, every time I turn it on the USB's work just fine when it boots, and when it gets to the windows 10 lock screen, all the USB's just stop working, my keyboard and mouse stop lighting, and they do nothing when i press them, my external storage...
  36. N

    [SOLVED] Monitors, keyboard, and mouse not turning on after dusting out PC

    I was playing a game on my ~2 year old pc (First one ive built, and has some minor quirks every once in a while) and noticed that my fans have been getting louder recently, so i decided to unplug everything, open it up, and dust everything off. My pc seems to collect dust pretty fast, so I have...
  37. Ciaran-

    [SOLVED] New PC boots and gets stuck on screen telling me how to get into bios

    I am fairly new to building PC's and recently built my first gaming PC, it seems to work fine but when I boot it, it takes me to a screen telling me to press F2 or Del to enter the bios, pressing either of these with my keyboard does absolutely nothing. I messed around with it for some time and...
  38. G

    Question Cant get into BIOs, keyboard not working on a z400 prebuilt

    When i start the pc it boots up, but i have to press either f1 or f9 to continue or get into the bios, and the keyboard is not working, it is lighting up, but no responce. I have tried removing the CMOS battery, tried every usb port. Before removing the battery i could get directly into windows...
  39. V

    Question Keyboard and mouse not working on first boot

    Hello, I tried to install windows 7 ( check out my thread ) and after failure, I tried to install windows 10. When I finish installing and need to type in name of my PC, my keyboard and mouse don't work. They work in BIOS but not here. What could be the problem?
  40. B

    [SOLVED] My CPU is turning on but monitor, keyboard and mouse aren't (happened after new ram insertion)

    Okay so my build is core i5 7400, with Asus H110M-K motherboard, 8GB DDR4 2400mhz RAM, 550w PSU, and a 1050ti. I just bought 8 GB more RAM for my system. It was working fine before I did this. I turned it off, removed the cover and inserted the new ram chip as far as it went. Tried to turn it...