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  1. J

    Question Looking for a tool to track my activity history

    I'm looking for a utility to track my activity on my (Windows 10) computer. I'm posting to ask for suggestions. A little searching has shown me that what I mean by "track my activity" is different from what Microsoft means or most users mean. I want a tool that tells me at a glance when I was...
  2. Iver Hicarte

    Question What's a good Tenkeyless RGB Keyboard?

    I'm currently looking for an RGB TENKEYLESS keyboard, and specifically these are a must for what I'm looking for: Dedicated volume scroll button, Dedicated windows key lock button, Forward and backward button, Pause and play button And a dedicated mute button. Pretty much like a Corsair...
  3. F

    [SOLVED] Desktop PC configuration under 50K (India)

    Approximate Purchase Date: within a month Budget Range: 40K-50K INR System Usage from Most to Least Important: Web Surfing, MS Office, OTTs, playing DOTA2 above the minimum settings (Gaming will become the highest priority after a year or so for which I will upgrade later) Are you buying a...
  4. breezett93

    Question Trying to implement dual-boot with two drives, Win 10 and Win 7. Keyboard/mouse functionality gone on the Win 7

    I bought an ssd from someone with Windows 7 on it. When I initially connected it and booted to it, my keyboard and mouse were working. I then started installing the chipset cd so that I could get networking etc to work. Install needed pc to reboot. After rebooting, keyboard and mouse stopped...
  5. L

    Question New Dell came with Win11, bought in US, Need to use Maxell Spanish Keyboard, Won't play nice.

    We just bought my hubby a new Dell laptop with Win11. BACKSTORY -- We now live in Panama. My husband is a journalist who writes with native fluency in both English and Spanish. As a result, it is easier for him to function with a Spanish keyboard. I'll put this in bullet points to hopefully...
  6. T

    [SOLVED] Monitor zapped me(is this bad for the monitor and the peripherals connected?)

    After trying unplugging the power cord from my monitor, I accidentally touched the pins that connect to the power cord and zapped myself, I was just wondering if this could be bad for the monitor and the peripherals(keyboard and mouse) I connected to its USB ports. Also, is this a problem with...
  7. ohados

    [SOLVED] Looking for multi-device rechargeable keyboard and mouse combo

    Hello all, I need your help in finding the best new keyboard and mouse combo... I currently have the Razer turret RZ03-0133 which is great... But the charger is busted(Irobot knocked off the charger from the table and it got smashed) I've been searching the brands(Logtiech, Razer, Microsoft...
  8. Xarnies

    Question Displayport no signal, keyboard and mouse no power

    Both my monitors show no signal and none of the led’s on my keyboard and mouse are on. All the rgb lights on all my other components are on and all the fans spin. I’ve tried unplugging and replugging everything. Reseating all the components. Replacing the CMOS battery. Cleaning the RAM sticks...
  9. C

    [SOLVED] running K/b and mouse off from same usb hub there any reason to not be able fun a corsair k65 and a logitech mouse and a samsung wireles charger, off a 4 or 5 usb 3.0 powered hub?
  10. S

    [SOLVED] Keyboard and Mouse not working after being unused for 5 minutes

    So, there's been this issue that has been cropping up since the past week, where PC would not register any keyboard or mouse input, when the system was on and unused for more than 5 minutes. The mouse and keyboard themselves are working perfectly fine, but it's just that the peripherals stop...
  11. AngusMcFife

    [SOLVED] Windows recovery issue.

    Hi. Having a bizarre problem with my PC. Every time I boot up it takes me straight to recovery. That in itself is fine. The problem is the keyboard and mouse don't work. Tried switching the USB ports and restarting every time but nothing. Have used a ps/2 adaptor, nothing. Borrowed a ps/2...
  12. BrainBraid

    Question Mouse and Keyboard stops working while plugged in charger

    I have asus kj73s when i connect mouse and keyboard in usb port it works fine but when i plugged in charger it stops working.I have checked my keyboard and mouse with other laptops,They are working fine. I have updated all the drivers,do window update but nothing seems working. What to do now...
  13. Lapalap

    [SOLVED] [HELP] Keyboard and Mouse disconnecting when working on After Effects 2021

    Hello, I recently got an entirely new system which is my work station for Graphic related work and it works perfectly except for one issue. Whenever I work After Effects the keyboard and Mouse keep getting disconnected and reconnected. This happens so frequently that it just becomes impossible...
  14. wetkebab

    [SOLVED] Keyboard and mouse not working ?!!!

    So right now i renovated my old laptop and removed it's HDD and replaced it with a new SSD, instead of throwing the HDD away i put it into my pc now it has a installation of windows 7 on that disk and i wanted to boot into it through my pc which already has a SSD with windows 10. so i boot into...
  15. D

    [SOLVED] PC won't turn on with a mouse or keyboard

    PC won't turn on with a mouse or keyboard. I tried to connect the keyboard / mouse to USB 2.0 and 3.0. I think everything is correct in the BIOS/UEFI settings: - BIOS -> Fast boot: Disabled - Advenced\ ACPI Configuration -> PS/2 Keyboard Power On: Any key...
  16. Andyboo

    [SOLVED] why won’t my monitors, keyboard, and mouse turn on

    Last night i updated my windows, graphics card, and malwarebytes. I then restarted my computer, however, when it turned back on, my monitors did not show the windows screen, my USB keyboard and mouse did not turn on either. the only thing that i could turn on was my USB headphones. I have a Asus...
  17. Leonniar

    Question Razer Blackwidow , Chroma not working !

    Hello guys ! I've had this problem for at least 4-5 months now and it's getting frustrating . I have my Razer Blackwidow Chroma connected to my computer . I have razer synapse 3 installed and my keyboard appears on the program . But no matter what I do the lighting effects don't change . I tried...
  18. ComputerNerd178

    [SOLVED] USB Port Problem

    I have just finished my Building my first gaming Computer. So I booted the thing up and I decided to connect my Keyboard and mouse, But unfortunately my case only has 2 USB 3.0 ports, If i plugged both my keyboard and mouse then there would be no USB ports to plug in the USB to install windows...
  19. ParaPotatoes

    [SOLVED] mouse and keyboard not working on new computer

    I just replaced everything in my old computer except for my graphics card, ssd, and hard drive. everything works fine in bios but when I reach windows 7 login screen my keyboard and mouse stop working. motherboard: B450 aorus m cpu: AMD ryzen 5 3600 gpu: 8gb radeon rx 580 ram: 2 8gb DDR4...
  20. depkkk

    [SOLVED] Please help -- why is my keyboard typing randomly?

    Please help why is my keyboard typing randomly? is it possible some keyboard may not support Windows 10 but support Windows 7? My keyboard which comes with a mouse (quantum 8810) is typing randomly when I move or adjust it but works perfectly when left placid or unmoved and if I hold it's wire...
  21. D

    Question Keyboard Problem

    I have a working keyboard and it lights up when I turn on the device But when the device is running, I cannot write
  22. R

    [SOLVED] Usb mouse/keyboard won't work after new mobo and cpu

    So I've installed my new motherboard and cpu (gigabyte x570 gaming, ryzen 3600), which went without a hitch for the most part. I'm able to use my mouse/keyboard in bios no problem, but as soon as I exit and load windows, both fail to light up and provide no input. I tried a regular Microsoft...
  23. Eggplanetx


    I got a computer from my brother that he didnt want because its not portable so I factory reset it, after it loaded all its stuff it asked me my region to help set up the computer and the mouse and keyboard didnt work like they werent plugged in! Brother says he doesnt know whats going on and it...
  24. S

    [SOLVED] Logitech K345/M275 delay/lag

    Hi all, I have this Logitech Keyboard (K345)/ Mouse (M275) it has delay/lag issues every time. I brought them with the New PC in Feb 2020. It has one USB receiver for both of them, i usually connect the USB in either of the front USB ports (I keep changing it, so to make it work). I tried the...
  25. V

    Question Keyboard and mouse not working on first boot

    Hello, I tried to install windows 7 ( check out my thread ) and after failure, I tried to install windows 10. When I finish installing and need to type in name of my PC, my keyboard and mouse don't work. They work in BIOS but not here. What could be the problem?
  26. TheDoctor95

    [SOLVED] Peripherals restart randomly

    So im using almost all corsair peripherals, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, headset, etc., and randomly at least 2 or 3 times in a 2 hour span the peripherals will restart. It acts like i just unplugged them all at once and plugged them back in. It's gotten me killed in numerous games and even...
  27. M

    [SOLVED] Universal combo MT4100

    Hello everyone, please tell me shall I buy Bluetooth for my combo wireless keyboard & mouse ? Will it connect ? and what is the difference between dongle that comes with the combo mouse & keyboard and Bluetooth ? Intel Quad Core Q9550 MSI G41M-S03 Windows 10, "Universal combo MT 4100 " Keyboard...
  28. G

    [SOLVED] Scratched Keyboard

    Hi, I have a Corsair K63 and I scratched the case a little bit with a plate is there any way I can fix it?
  29. L

    Question Brand new keyboard not working.

    I just bought a brand new keyboard and mouse combo, Mouse is working fine but the keyboard doesn't, I tried the keyboard on my other PC and it's working perfectly fine. Now I'm stuck using my old keyboard that works on my PC. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  30. bossiermeteor27

    [SOLVED] Should i buy the GMMK from Glorious with the Gaterons or another keyboard that has genuine brown switches?

    GMMK Compact ~ I'm looking at other keyboards on Amazon and other websites. If I do buy the gmmk, what switches would be best if transitioning from a cherry blue keyboard? Looking for a keyboard, that's good for CS...
  31. Z

    [SOLVED] Shift and enter keys stopped working my keyboard

    I am using Asus Cerberus multi color back lite keyboard. And all of a sudden my two keys stopped working. "middle Enter" Key and "left Shift" key. i have tried troubleshooting but nothing working, i have done 1-) Set the toggle and sticky keys off 2-) Uninstall and the window 10 auto drivers...
  32. Oxymiocysu

    [SOLVED] Peripherals (keyboard, mouse, monitor) not working

    Hey guys, I was away from home for a month and left my PC off the entire time. When I got back home I turned my PC on and let it idle for about 5 minutes while I got settled in. After 5 minutes, without any activity on the PC, I heard an audible click sound and the entire PC turned off. When...
  33. M

    [SOLVED] Keyboard misbehaving when connected to new motherboard

    I bought a new motherboard Zeebronics G41 D3; and assembled it for first time by myself; My Specs are: Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 @ 3.16 Ghz Dolgix 8GB (2*4GB) DDR3 RAM 1333MHz Asus NVIDIA GeForce 210 1 GB DDR3 Graphics Card 480 ggb SSD Adata Zebronics 450 W psu Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64 bit...
  34. trio1989

    [SOLVED] Can i connect my wireless mouse, keyboard and xbox one controller using the motherboards built in bluetooth 5.0?

    My new motherboard has built in bluetooth 5.0 i am just wondering if i can connect my keyboard,mouse and xbox one controller with out a dongle using windows 10 or would i need to buy a bluetooth dongle although my motherboard has it built in?
  35. 19zachr

    Question Laptop can't view any peripherals. Stuck at Windows login

    Have a laptop, can't use the keyboard or mouse at all, can't use any external peripherals either. Because of this I couldn't even factory reset this device if I wanted to. I'm stuck staring at the windows login screen and can't do anything at all.
  36. R

    [SOLVED] mousE and keyboard is failing

    so has been happening rEcently. have had this pc for 3 years now, built it myself. just recently the last few weeks i've been experiencing these problems. when i click on a document on my desktop, it marks like much more than i want to. and in file explorer it does the same and opens everything...
  37. R

    Question Mouse And Keyboard doesnt work. (Only in bios)

    I started a project on a old pc, got it to booting up. (It already had all the files and win xp on cd drive) When the XP turned on, my mouse and keyboard stopped working. But it works perfectly in Bios. It doesnt work in any Safe mode. I think that it is maybe because of drivers, but how do I...
  38. D

    Question PC goes up till motherboard's screen then enters a boot loop. Shortly after that, there is no signal in all of the I/O devices

    So two weeks ago I shut down the PC normally and went to sleep. The next day it won't go beyond the screen which says "Press F2 to enter setup" and will just loop (turns off then on again off and so on). I turned off the system py pressing the power button for a few secs. The next time I start...
  39. D

    [SOLVED] what mechcanical keyboard should i buy

    i got a g402 Logitch Mouse and it have an amazing response time that beats my old k552 mechanical keyboard i decide to sell it and get more responsive keyboard so i am looking for a keyboard that matches my g402 response how can i tell that a specific keyboard would match my mouse response time...
  40. P

    Question Problems after replacing power supply

    Bought a prebuilt system and power supply went out. Just replaced it with a evga 450 bt which powered up the computer again, but now the mouse and keyboard won’t power on and the monitor isn’t recognizing the computer. The monitor says in sleep mode no matter what I do. We unplugged everything...