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  1. P

    Question Problems after replacing power supply

    Bought a prebuilt system and power supply went out. Just replaced it with a evga 450 bt which powered up the computer again, but now the mouse and keyboard won’t power on and the monitor isn’t recognizing the computer. The monitor says in sleep mode no matter what I do. We unplugged everything...
  2. jitz98

    Question Mouse and keyboard work fine in BIOS, but stop working once booted into windows

    I "frankensteined" one of my super old laptops that has windows 7 on it so I have something for my new build to boot into because i didn't make a windows boot USB. i installed everything and then booted windows. everything was going smoothly until I got into the login screen. the computer was...
  3. O

    Question In Need Of New Mouse

    I currently have the corsair glaive and honestly, it wasn't that bad when I got it but for some reason, I don't like it and never have. i have pretty big hands and the mouse is honestly pathetic, i try edit videos with it and game with it but it's not possible because the mouse is so small and...
  4. J

    Question mouse and keyboard set

    Hello, i'm thinking of buying a mechanical keyboard as well as mouse. for keyboards i'm thinking of getting the Ducky Shine 7 or the Wooting 2 I would be moving from the corsair strafe (non-rgb) with cherry mx reds to blue switches and for mouse I was thinking of going from Steelseries rival...
  5. S

    Question ThinkPad T430 keyboard issue HELP

    So I own a ThinkPad t430 for the last 2 years, today I took it apart and cleaned the keyboard out and removed it. Now I've put it back in and almost all of the keys do not work at all anymore and I'm not sure what to do, I've checked it's connected properly. The Power button, Volume keys and...
  6. bty0610

    Question Caps Lock Key Doesnt Work

    Today my Caps Lock key stopped working regularly. The notification light on the keyboard still glows on and off when I click the key. But letters do not capitalize. I even turned on toggle keys, and it plays a sound each time I press caps lock. But the outcome is still the same, no...
  7. J

    Question Windows 7 install keeps disabling mouse/keyboard

    Hello I have a new pc build today. I'm just trying to setup windows 7 from a disk and am having some issues. The mouse/ keyboard work before boot and work within the bios, however when the windows install disk is loaded they seemingly turn off. I have tried using different mouse/keyboards and...
  8. X

    Question Can i run two instances of league in one pc?

    I organized a "lan party" with 5 friends but we only have 4 pc's, i have 2 monitors, is there any way that i could run 2 games at the same time with each game having it's own keyboard and mice? i have a 7600k with 16gb of ram and a rx570(8gb)
  9. menyTV

    Question Laptop Keyboard and touchpad lag !!

    Hi, first sorry for my bad english I have laptop ASUS N55SF intel core i5 2410m 4gb ram DDR3 HDD 300gb Nvidia geforce GT555M + HD 3000 I have problem with keyboard and touchpad, every 3 seconds keyboard and touchpad getting 1second lag. this problem is in windows,BIOS,games,everywhere...
  10. F

    Question Corsair k30 gaming keyboard stopped working

    Recently, my corsair k30 stopped "working". It is on, recognized by my pc and it is not a pc problem (happens to other pcs). Despite it being on, when I type, it does not register it. It was in bios mode, and I pressed esc. for 10 seconds to get it out of it and it led to this. Any thing I can...
  11. N

    Question Some Exact Smake Keys Ranomly Stop Working

    Hello, I have a rather odd issue with my laptop's keyboard that I've never encountered before. All of a sudden, regardless what I'm doing on my laptop at that moment, whether it would be browsing the internet or playing a game, some exact same keyboard keys stop working, it doesn't follow a...
  12. F

    Question Keybord & Shortcut problem

    Hey there, I have a problem with my new keyboard. I bought (5 months ago) a new keyboard -motospeed ck 104- and everything was fine. Today i formatted my pc and clean installed Windows 10. After that some keyboard shortcuts does not work. For example, when i try to change language the shortcut...
  13. P

    Question Will USB to PS/2 adapter work for me

    Hi, the motherboard I bought supports only PS/2 keyboard and mouse. DON'T ASK WHY. Will it work if i connect USB keyboard and mouse through the USB to PS/2 adapter?
  14. Goodester

    [SOLVED] Good keyboard for programming and gaming

    I'm looking for a keyboard that'd be good for coding and gaming. The price should be around 100€ or less. I prefer keyboards with wrist rest pads, not very sensitive keys and It would be a plus if it isn't very loud. Also, it'd be nice if the keyboard is in Europe.
  15. S

    Keeping a bottlenecked card?

    CPU: i5 2500 GPU: gtx 1050 2gb Ram: 4x2gb 8gb PSU: 280w The title doesn't make much sense but it is too complicated for a title. Basically I plan on getting a gtx 1080 ti. Obviously the PSU needs upgrading ( planning on a 600w ) and the CPU will produce bottleneck. But I just wanted more...
  16. F

    [Advise Needed] First Custom £3k - £4k ($4.7k - $6.3k) Build. Z97 vs X99 vs Water Cooling.

    Hi, In september last year I have created a thread here asking for an advise for my first build but some things went wrong and I decided to stay with my current StoneAge PC (Dual core Q6600 and GTX650) which is not even good enough for internet surfing nowadays. I'm actually glad I havent...