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    Question Keyboard and mouse lag/delay with good ping in CS GO. Please help!

    Hello everyone! :D Because Valve's Steam Support does not work, i looked on the internet for help. Nothing on Steam Forum helped me, so I found someone on this site asking for help, he had same problem. That post was posted a year ago and someone replied. Here's a link...

    Question Keyboard and internet lag at the same time everyday !

    Firstly I apologize for my bad English. I am facing a problem. My keyboard and internet start lagging at the same time everyday. This happens everyday exactly at 14:43 and last till around 17:00.Sometimes this happens twice a day. First at around 11 and then again at 14:43. During this period...
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    Had windows 10 activated now I switched motherboards

    First off I had windows 10 activated on my old asus motherboard, now I switched too a new intel one, now I cant activate because I don't have the product key u get when u upgrade from windows 8.1... Now my new issue is when I switch back too windows 8.1 I cant upgrade from there because it says...