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  1. IntiaViews

    [SOLVED] CMOS Checkum Bad & Keyboard not working ?

    Hi, I am trying to access the files of a friend's old NEC Mate MA-9 cpu Desktop PC. Once I turn it on, the display comes like after 30 seconds or so and then the screen displays CMOS Checksum Bad and Press F2 to Enter BIOS Setup. The problem is that the keyboard doesn't work. Pressing F2 or any...
  2. SmashedPotato86

    Question Keyboard not working on login page

    I have just updated my 1660 super drivers on windows 10. now the keyboard and on-screen keyboard will not work and I can't get past the login page. I have tested multiple keyboards but none work. Only the number are working. Is there a fix?
  3. laism

    [SOLVED] Redragon Kumara k552 suddenly stopped working

    I was using the keyboard and suddenly the keyboard stopped working, I tried reconnecting by unplugging it, the keyboard lit up for a while but as I tried typing it only wrote NNNNNNNNNNN, so I disconnect and reconnected again but this it is not coming anymore, device manager says, " Device...
  4. R

    Question Redragon 595 RATRI is not working properly! i cant light the borders back up please help!

    I tried many things! Reconnecting keyboard, resetting computer, uninstalling apps, but to no avail! Is there any way to fix this? i ran an app in german called upgrade process, for the K556R keyboard, it looked like mine so i downloaded the program, ran it and now it has the configurations of...
  5. unoriginalsaturn

    Question ctrl and other keys stuck in laptop keyboard

    so basically, in saturday my laptop keyboard has gone crazy. the control button + shift + others are stuck, and it just types and presses on randomly. what should i do? i accidentally spilled water on it a few months ago, it stopped working, tried everything, didnt work, so i bought a new...
  6. RebellionDeez

    [SOLVED] Redragon Surara Pro Model K582-Pro keyboard software problem ?

    So, I got the Model K582-Pro keyboard and I went to the official Redragon website (Redragonzone) for K582-Pro keyboard software. I downloaded the software and extracted it and there were two, the one at the top is a chinese software named "K582 Update Program" and below is "Redragon K582RGB"...
  7. jimanov

    [SOLVED] [SOLVED] Laptop keyboard working in BIOS and Bitlocker but not at Windows sign in and afterwards

    Hi, My ASUS G14 (ROG Zephyrus G14 GA401IV_GA401IV) laptop's keyboard works in both BIOS and bitlocker, after which, it doesn't work anymore at sign-in page and afterwards. However, the weird thing is that the FN + hotkeys work fine, i just can't type anything else. The laptop works with an...
  8. Jxk23

    Question Only the keyboard stops working whenever i launch a game

    As the title says whenever I launch a game it just bricks my keyboard. 1 or 2 presses register, act as though the keystroke is being held down then completely stops responding. I heard a couple of disconnecting sounds too one being my keyboard and I am unsure if theres another thing...
  9. G

    [SOLVED] [HELP] My keyboard and mouse don't work at first bootup.

    Hello, this is my second pc build. Everything looks running perfectly. All fans are spinning and light up and so does the CPU cooler. When I first started my new PC all looked good and the BIO screen shows up on the screen. I plugged in the keyboard to be able to enter the bios but nothing...
  10. P

    Question Razer Huntsman Keyboard Typing Extra Keys

    I have a Razer Huntsman keyboard and I really like it but for some reason, sometimes when I press a key down it will spam the key rapidly, even if I've let go of the key, and I'll need to press another button in order to negate it. It doesn't really bother me that much but I'd like to fix it...
  11. R

    Question Built a pc and only one USB port works.

    I’ve recently built my first pc and only one of the USB ports works. I am able to get to the windows setup screen as my usb flash drive is plugged in there but cant set it up due to not being able to use a keyboard or mouse. Anyone know how to fix broken USB ports or how to fix this issue?
  12. mwasil

    [SOLVED] Installing Win Xp x86 on a modern (2015) laptop - keyboard stops working during "Press ENTER [...] ..."

    Hi everyone! So, I wanted to try to install Win XP 32bit SP3 on a fairly new Asus GL552VW laptop (i7 6300HQ, 16GB ram, GTX960m, UEFI) (just for fun :D) Since XP cannot boot the installer in EFI mode, I used easy2boot to create a bootable flash drive, and put the XP .iso in the appropriate...
  13. X

    [SOLVED] USB keyboard not starting when PC does.

    Hello, I have a USB Corsair k70 RGB rapid fire keyboard that I've had for awhile. Recently the keyboard has started not fully turning on with the rest of my PC when I boot it up. My mouse and monitor both work, and the keyboard is receiving power because the number lock light lights up when the...
  14. B

    Keyboard problems while playing Overwatch

    hello guys I'm confused about my new keyboard i just bought it like a week ago and from day one im facing problems with overwatch while moving my main problem is i get stuck while pressing WASD+jumping or sprinting i get stuck while doing that and the character stops moving and frezzes till i...
  15. Stkhutch

    Question Keyboard doesn’t work, only in safe mode

    Hi, I am having an issue with getting my keyboard to work. I was downloading a file that I had to turn my antivirus software off for, and after I turned it back on I performed a sophos virus scan and it detected nothing. All of a sudden my keyboard stopped working in the log in screen and...
  16. Krunja0w

    Question Need Help Keyboard not working properly

    I built a pc about a week ago and I play a lot of rhythm games but mostly osu! and I have noticed that the keyboard acts up. My mouse feels amazing so its not just a general problem. I don't know the best way to explain it but when I tap the keys at a certain speed they kind of just glitch out...
  17. R

    Question Letter D on my keyboard wont function when I press it down

    I just bought a new mechanical keyboard and I have been using it for office use for the first 2 weeks but when I started getting into gaming with the keyboard I noticed these "hiccups" with the letter d that when I hold it down to turn right with whatever game I have, sometimes it wont register...
  18. rhinlord

    [SOLVED] PC turns on, but no output to monitor (keyboard also not working)

    Product: HP Pro 3500 Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64 bit) /Linux Ubuntu 19.10 The tower will turn on (fans spinning), power light doesn't work, neither is the HDD LED. Mouse lights up, speakers work too, but there's no output to the monitor (it goes to power saving mode) and the...
  19. aasthasha123

    [SOLVED] My Keyboard is working fine in BIOS but not working in Windows 10.

    I have a AMD RYZEN 5 Asus Laptop . Keyboard is working fine in BIOS but not in windows. But in windows few "fn" keys are working. URGENT Please Help.
  20. internetskrub

    Question Keyboard is identified as USB input device

    Good day. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but my Tecware Spectre Pro, instead of being identified as a keyboard under the mouse,keyboard and pen category of devices, it is instead located in other devices as a "USB input device". I cannot use it whatsoever. My mouse is working...
  21. RifatAhmed

    Question ESC, TAB, `, 1, Q, A and Z Keys Not Working!

    ESC, TAB, `, 1, Q, A and Z Keys are Not Working! They sometimes work and sometimes they dont! I tried reinstalling the Keyboard Driver and even the windows but none seems to work and when i try my keyboard on my Laptop it works perfectly fine and my motherboard is new so I dont think the usb...
  22. A

    [SOLVED] Why my pc shuts down when I try to write something by using new keyboard

    Recently I've bought a new keyboard. But it did not work in my pc. After some minutes pc used to shut down, then I went for changing the hardware and changed it. But still same problem stays. What should I do? It is tobe mentioned that this keyboard works fine in on my laptop. So what's the...
  23. C

    Question Keyboard Not Responding

    Hello, I built my friends PC a few months back (ive built a good amount of pcs so everything is correct) however his keyboard will not respond. he had an old keyboard that I gave him so I went over and gave him another keyboard, a razer black widow ultimate. that worked for about 5 days and that...
  24. A

    Question 2012 MacBook Pro 15" Keyboard, including power button not working

    Hi guys, I have a friend’s 2012 MBP 15” model that is showing the folder with question mark. Which is due to a bad hard disk, I can hear it is stuck… that is not a problem. However the keyboard including the power button is not working. When I removed the hard disk and turned it on, it went to...