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  1. Ice19

    Question Why does my laptop have sudden ping spikes/connection drops?

    My laptop has been randomly disconnecting me for at least 2 months. It will have a sudden ping spike and disconnect from whatever I am playing or doing and then reconnect right after. It isn't just my at home internet because this has happened while connected to another wifi. I do not have an...
  2. Elljey27

    Question 5ghz wifi only on channels 100 or 64

    Hi guys, I have Lenovo y740 with killer 1550i. When I am in the same room as my router I dont have any problem, I can be on channel 36 and others. When I am in other room (1 wall and 6 metters far away) I have great signal and my router is on channel 100 or 64 everything is ok, but...