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  1. ethan hunt

    Question PC won't start after installing a GT 710 ?

    Hey Guys, My PC wont start after I attach GT 710 to the motherboard. The CPU Fan wont even spin let alone Bios and all. I have a Gigabyte GT 710 DDR5 , My PC is running fine without it but i just want to see HD movies on my computer as we're stuck with Lockdown in Pandemic. anyways, so my PC is...
  2. K

    [SOLVED] WD Blue SSD Vs Kingston A400

    Hello friends, Does the WD Blue 500 GB SSD has Dram cash cache or is it Dram less? And among WD blue and A400 what is the best performer? What are your experiences with these 2 drives? Please help me to choose one. Thank you
  3. [SOLVED] Kingston A400 Wear Indicator

    I bought my Kingston A400 240GB in July, 1st 2019 and started to use it in July, 5th 2019. Despite I don't have any issue with the performance, I've realised that the Wear Indicator is dropping so fast. My SSD, a SATA one which is always working with temperatures higher than 40ºC, has lost 4%...
  4. rookieGamer

    [SOLVED] Kingston A400, is it any good ? anyone got one of these ?

    -i just got a good deal on kingston A400 240gb ssd( $25USD), just wondering is it worth getting it ? is it reliable ? it do comes with 3year warranty but losing data is not something anybody wants (its just annoying). - it will mostly be used to store stuff and NOT run games or software off it...
  5. N

    Question What SSD to buy ? Can you help me ?

    I have SSD Kingston 240gb A400. And after 1 month using today i try to install 30gb game and i cant install cause blue screen pop up. Critical process died. Is this SSD A400 very bad ?? Can you give me some recommendation for next one ? Thanks.
  6. Question super slow SSD speed

    so i bought a Kingston SSD couple of months ago and i just thought of running benchmarks and i'm surprise with the results. i'm using Intel and SATA 3
  7. G

    Question Kingston A400 SSD vs SSDlife

    Good evening! Just recently bought a Kingston A400 SSD. Install it. Everything works. After several days of use i wanted to check this drive in SSDLife, but this program does not display full information about how much total host written or written last day (last 7 days). CrystalDiskInfo and...
  8. X

    Question Which SSD would you choose?

    Hello! there's currently a promotion running with my local e-tailer on SSD's (% discount and you get accessories / gifts with any SSD in the promotion) I've Been looking into getting one for a while now, currently have a firecuda 2TB SSHD. and a really old 1tb 5400rpm drive, which i want to...
  9. Mo.R


    hi, i want to connect a ssd to my computer but i can only use a slimsata cable to plug it in, with an adapter. would that be still faster than an HDD? as I think i was told that that slimsata only will transfer speeds of sata 1. but im not so sure. thanks