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  1. Falxyar

    Question Should I use single-channel 24GB of ram or dual-channel 16GB of ram?

    Hello, this is my first time ever in any forum asking anything in all my life, so please, forgive my ignorance, I would just like a direct answer on what I should be doing. Here's the situation. I've been slowly upgrading my PC over the years, started with most of the stuff I've got, and...
  2. P

    [SOLVED] My last decision. Will it fit ?

    I start quick ! I need someone with good soul to find time and tell me if it fits. Im unexperienced and also i wanna be 100% sure because its my first build. I leave specs here ! God bless you for anyone who helps me ! MOBO: ASUS PRIME B360-PLUS CPU: Intel i5 9400f GPU: MSI GTX 1060 6GT OCV1...
  3. T

    Help! Brand New 6700k runs at 100degrees starting

    I just built my 6700k with Asus maximum hero Viii and noctua nh-d15 cooler. However , after I finished and booting up my computer , the court temperature goes up to 100 within 3 seconds. Now I don't know where I have gone wrong. I think the cooler touched the cup correctly because when I took it...