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  1. koen1597

    Question About using power supply in Japan.

    Hi, I am still new to this community (tomshardware) and I would like to ask and get help (if needed) about my PC. First of all, I've built and bought my PC in Korea (everything was fine). The problem is that I had to live in Japan for several years and I was worried that my PC's battery/power...
  2. G

    How to test if a mb works right

    Basically I have some old parts and wanted to rebuild my first computer and wanted to see out of all my motherboards I had what ones work the best and everything
  3. N

    i5 4670k overclock a bit

    Hi all can you overclock to 3.6mhz and up the turbo to 4mhz or can you not up a turbo never overclocked so I don't no anything so don't want to go to high going to be using a cooler master 212 aircooler
  4. A

    BSOD, all attempt to resolve failed

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum and I've been having this issue with BSOD in Windows 7. I've searched all over the web for solutions but so far nothing has worked. Please help as I've been having this problem for about a week now. The BSOD happens everytime I clicked on a video in Chrome and when...
  5. P

    swapped hard drives in laptop

    I have an acer aspire 5732z had windows 7 home with fried hard drive, (never bothered to get replacement as i didnt have disks) anyway I also have an HP laptop with a fried mobo due to heat sink overheat with a good hard drive also windows 7 home operating system, what do i need in order to get...