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  1. J

    Question NZXT CAM software - Kraken X62

    Has anyone got any experience with getting this software working consistently? I have a Kraken X62 and it worked reasonably well with my last build, but since transferring it to an X570 platform with integrated RGB I've had no end of trouble. The software freezes when I'm using it, fails to...
  2. Petr Stepancik

    Question BeQuiet silent wings pwm 140mm fans on Kraken X62

    Hi guys, Anybody here who can help me and provide your opinion on idea to swap default NZXT Kraken X62 fans for new BeQuiet silent wings pwm 140mm? I use these very quiet fans in my case (FD Meshify C) and I would like to use them on my new kraken X62 as well. I am onl worried if these fans...
  3. L

    Question NZXT Kraken X62 vs X72

    Hello, I am thinking about going with either an NZXT Kraken X62 or X72 to cool my i7-9700K overclocked to 4.7GHz. Does anyone have any recommendations as to which one I should choose? Money is no issue here as I am simply wondering which would give me greater performance. I've seen reviews...
  4. Pr1mal

    Question i9 - 9900k reaching 100 degrees in blender viewport render ~

    Hey guys, So I built my pc about a month ago and it's been running just fine but when I switch to render view in blender my cpu instantly goes to 99-100 degrees Celsius. Usually when I am gaming I use ultra settings as I have a high end gpu so my cpu temps usually stay within the 50-60 degree...
  5. A

    Question CPU Temp with AIO

    So i have a i7-8700k not overclocked and my temps are usually 45-65c while gaming. its being cooled by a kraken x62 and it just seems kinda high for being water cooled or am i just being paranoid lol. I know those temps are fine but i figured it would be lower around 20-40c while gaming.