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    Question Expensive AIO coolers: does it really worth it?

    A few months ago I decided to upgrade my CPU so I replaced my Ryzen 1700 with a 2700x. My cooler for the 1700 was a Master Cooler ML120 that cost me 55$ in 2017. Since the 2700x with my old ML120 installed was heating more than the 1700 I decided to buy a new cooler, so I looked at the reviews...
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    Question Overclocked my 8700k to 5.0 Ghz

    I've overclocked my i7-8700k to 5.0Ghz with my newly purchased kraken x52 on the MSI z370 Gaming Pro Carbon motherboard. I have no planning on delidding my CPU. I'm also running 16GB of G. Skill TridentZ RAM running at 3466. Anything I should know?
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    Question 144Hz BenQ Monitor capped at 60Hz

    I have a 144Hz BenQ monitor but it is capped at 60. I heard that you need a dual link DVI to get 144Hz. I have a Gefore RTX 2080 TI and it does not come with a DVI. It comes with 3 displayports and a HDMI. How can I get 144Hz?