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  1. L

    Question Lacie 2Big Dock - Red Light

    Hi I have an issue with my Lacie 2Big Doc When moving the drive on a clear up, I have accidentally caught one of the doors and unmuted one of the drives whilst it was on. Now my drive is not visible on my Mac and it has a solid red light on. When I go into the Raid Manager, the status is...
  2. M

    Question Lacie 2Big NAS, Front LED Solid Red after Factory Reset.

    I fished out my old Lacies 2Big Nas, which I found still worked when I booted it. but, since I couldn't remember the admin info for it I did a factory reset. Unfortunately when I did it, I would get a Solid Red light in the front LED, while the two HDD LEDs at the back were Blue. I have tried...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] LaCie 4big Quadra U LED Status Indicators

    I have a LaCie 4big Quadra U. This has been running fine for years. Then about a week ago, upon initial start up, each of the drives initializes in sequence as expected. After all four of the drives have booted and are initialized (all solid blue), their are a serious of 11 clicks and then the...
  4. Wood123

    Question New motherboard, infinite restarting 7 secs after turning on

    Hello, my friend replaced his old motherboard with a new "MSI Z390-A Pro" but after plugging everything in and starting it, it boots up for around 7 seconds before stopping and trying again. We noticed the "EZ Debug LED" lights, and we can see that it successfully gets past the CPU, but a few...
  5. Y

    My computer loads up then instead of the log in screen it goes black mouse still working

    When I turned on my computer it comes up with the gigabyte loading screen then the 'windows error recovery' with 'start windows normally' and 'launch startup repair' options. Then when I choose startup repair it does it then goes to a black screen with my mouse in the middle this is where the...
  6. J

    i7-8086k not hitting 5GHZ

    I recently built a system with a i7-8086k@stock and a Antec K120 watercooler. I've been playing BF1 and Assassins creed and the CPU does not go above 4400Mhz, I'm wondering if I'm overheating and so it's clocking down? Temperatures are around 69-85C in assassins creed as that game is very CPU...
  7. S

    Is this a good budget build?

    Hi just wondering what kind of performance I can expect in CS:GO, Fallout 4 and all the free to play games on steam? CPU - Fx8350 @ 4ghz Ram- 8gb Kingston 1600 MHz GPU - GTX 660 TI 2GB 500gb HDD WILL BE ADDING A SSD SOON
  8. R

    Spilled water over my running pc

    I spilled water over my pc, it dripped down trough my dustfilter. It was still running, although i shut it down asap. I started drying it, but the idiot that i was, i powered it up again after i thought everything was dry again. I smelled magic smoke, and the powerlight kept flashing so i...
  9. M

    New MOBO replacement

    Do I need to reinstall my GPU driver after I replace my MOBO?
  10. N

    forgot name of a game

    theres this game that is during a war or after a war (i think its after) were you had a house whit like 4 people (elder,adults or childs) and its destructed, you could barricate it. you could also explore different locations, there was one that was a eldery couple in a house that if you tried...
  11. L

    When will the new 2018 action cameras come out?

    Sony, Garmin and Olympus in particular haven't released anything new in 2 years. When's the new stuff going to come out?
  12. Y

    gtx 1050ti and power need

    I want to install gtx 1050ti.And my PSU is only 450W.Is it enough for me to install 1050ti.If not,what other graphic card is ok for my psu and the performance is near 1050ti.I want a graphic card that don't need addition power.I mean no pin power connector for the gpu.If my psu is enough,what...
  13. Z

    Upgrading the ram-is it compatible?

    Hi everyone! I am looking for ram to upgrade my lenovo flex 2 15 which has only 4 gb of ram and it's so so slow. I have found on the forums information about ram upgrade that it can be done. I have free slot avaialable. My current ram is 4 gb ddr3 1600 mhz with dual voltage 1.35 V & 1.5 V...
  14. K

    cant see my cursor

    ive tried everthing but still my cursor is not visible
  15. N

    Is my laptop dead?

    My old Lenovo ThinkPad x201 has been experiencing, well, "old laptop" issues for a while, but has still worked fine. However, randomly, a few weeks ago, it won't turn on. What will happen: the charging light is on (if plugged in) and the sleep light is on, if I turn it on, every light will flash...
  16. H

    ethernet controller driver

    I have an Asrock Nf7G FullHD R3,0 motherboard. It has on board Gigabit Lan 10/100/1000. Sice I renewed my Win XP I cannot connect to the internet The ethernet controller driver is missing. Who can help me to find that driver? There is software claiming being able to update all but at least that...
  17. R

    Temperatures for Cooler Master Air Maker 8 good for an i7 6700k?

    I am planning to upgrade to an i7 6700k because of my current computer stats. I was curious about the temperatures of a Cooler Master Air Maker 8 on an i7 6700k. I am aiming for 60 degrees centigrade or lower on 100% load. Also I know this sounds stupid but I'm not willing to overclock the i7...
  18. Jamie_Lannister

    Is my asus mobo done? (Press f to pay respect)

    So i've getting recently pretty retarded temps on my i7 4790k out of nowhere (whea_uncorretable_error bsods and all the weird stuff) temps like 90 degrees while gaming on a pretty low voltage 1.170v (waaay lower than stock and stable for over a year no problems at all) with maybe not the best...
  19. S

    1080Ti with three 1440p monitors (one 144hz)? Will this work?

    Long story short: I have two 1440p monitors 60hz, and one 1080p 144hz. Connecting all three is great, works no problem. I replaced the 1080p with another 1440p 144hz monitor. My system is crashing and burning. My card refuses to output to 3 monitors at once. Plugging in three monitors...
  20. D

    Help with a new cpu mobo upgrade :)

    Ive had my build for years now and i want to upgrade i have an i5 650 at 2.65ghz i believe or 2.35 and the rest of the hardware is from the same time frame pci 1st gen mobo 1333 ram ect i do however have a gtx 970 4gb gpu witch ill keep using until the gpu prices become better all i do is game...