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    Question Extreme FPS drops and stutters.

    I bought my PC one year ago from zoostorm, the specs are= (from speccy) CPU=i7-7700 (4GHz overclocked) GPU=GTX 1050 Ti 4GB (safe/little overclock) RAM= 8GB @ 1064MHz MOBO=H110M-R HDD= 931GB WDC WD10EZEX-60WN4A0 It's becoming more noticeable during gaming where my fps such as fortnite where fps...
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    Question Ping spikes oftenly

    I am currently having a 100 mbps internet conenction which is pretty decent to me. But I have an internet problem on my pc. On discord and games such as CS:GO my ping often spikes to 600 and up to 1000+. I tried running a speedtest on the web and it seems fine with average 11 ping and 100 mbps...
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    Question System started lagging out of nowhere.

    My pc recently started lagging and gives the code 00 - 99 on my MSI Z170a Gaming M5 Motherboard. Which checks the temperature of the CPU after a boot, but this code comes up when I put some load on the system like starting a game. When you have the code 99 there should be a faulty motherboard...