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  1. OctanGaming234

    Question Severe FPS drops in High end PC. (140 -> 20-10 FPS)

    My Specs= i7-3970X (not overclocked yet) ASUS X99-A lga 2011 mobo 8x4GB Vengeance lpx 2400mhz (quad channel) XMP was on however 2x gtx 980 Ti founders in SLI. 1000w bq power zone. nzxt h710i white. Hello, I have been playing GTA V for the last 3 weeks and I have been noticing some FPS drops/lag...
  2. Alexandre1337_

    Question Seriously, I need help...

    So, this started happening to me 1 month ago, I was casually playing my CSGO and out of nowhere, my characters starts teleporting some steps back, some times forward, left and right depends on what I was doing earlier... I can't really play with this... Whithout any problems, I can play FiveM...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] unexplainable input lag

    im getting input lag in all my games and i have no idea why. Ive spent hours looking up solutions and tried pretty much everything ive seen, still have no idea why. All my nvidia control panel settings are set to low and mouse precision is turned off in windows. Xbox game bar is also turned off...
  4. Noah M

    Do i need to buy a CPU Cooler?

    Do I need to buy a CPU Cooler or will 2 fans cool off everything in the case?