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    can someone please help me i have a6 7310 with r4 gpu 1gb vram 8 gb ram now iknow it isnt a gaming one its low end but i want to run pubg lite on it on lowest the game runs fine before entering plane above 30 fps and above 60 in plane but when i land in populated areas the game laggs like hell...
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    Need help upgrading some parts

    Hello, I got a new computer a while ago, and I noticed that the power supply was some cheap 800 watt noname PSU. I would like to get a newer and higher quality one. I appreciate any recommendations. I have a gtx 1080 and an i7 6700k. Also, I would like some more and better fans. I would...
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    Windows 10 Activation Help

    I bought some new items to upgrade my computer : MSI Z97 PCMate Mobo Corsair H60 CPU Cooler Corsair Carbide Spec-2 Case Sandisk SSD 240 GB I kept all of the same stuff like my old graphics card ( GTX 970 ) and my CPU and ram and old 2 TB HDD which also loads my 150 GB OS. About an hour into my...
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    Windows 10 update failure

    So this morning I began to download windows 10. Everything went smoothly, installed up until the configure settings portion. At about 2%, it blue screens with a big " : ( " saying system_thread_exception_not_handled (ntsf.sys). I've looked online and the only things I've seen is that it could be...
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    how do you change your keyboard shortcuts packard bell

    i have a Packard bell and when i press caps lock to youse caps it comes up with a notice saying "Expand the pc information you see" please can someone help me disable this please !!!!!
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    Obrona VPN Deals

    I formated my hard drive two weeks ago as i was infested with (Obrona VPN Deals), well its back dose anyone know how to get rid of it as all the sites from a google search seem to be sending me to places to buy software.
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    SoundBlaster Z Multiple Audio Devices

    Hi Guys/Gals Okay so yesterday I got a Creative soundblaster Z soundcard, I was wondering if anyone knew if I could have both my headphones and speakers connected and easily switch between them using the software etc... Any help is appreciated :)
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    Do i need a second hdd for recording?

    i am planning to record bf4 with my new build i was thinking if i needed 2 hdd for recording on the second one? thanks