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  1. L

    Question My PC lags after a few minutes of being left idle and then display switches off

    Hey, So I've found that when I'm leaving my PC idle for about 5-10 minutes it starts to lag hard, freezes a couple of times by the display Flicking off and on again even if I'm using it at this point, and then the display eventually flicks off for good and I can't wake it with any peripherals...
  2. R

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 5 5600x? Pc freezing

    I have a ryzen 5 5600x, ASUS ROG B450-F GAMING motherboard, GTX 1070, 3600MHZ CL18 corsair vengeance ram 8x2 GB I bought the ryzen 5 5600x and my 3070 is coming. I Replaced my ryzen 5 3600 today with the 5 5600x. My usbs have disconnected constantly a few times every minute ( headphones...
  3. Shawnfrost16691999

    [SOLVED] Reason for hanging - Cpu or hdd

    so i see that my pc hangs a lot when switching between programs . For example - if i try to open microsoft edge it takes take, if i try to open file explorer it takes time but the games like gta 5 run fine...no lag. so i guess graphic card is ok . now which thing is at fault processor or hdd...
  4. F

    Question stuttering while playing GTA V

    my pc is stutering so bad, i have doing almost anything i can to solved it, using msi afterburner, running xmp, checking my hard drive, etc. though i ive noticed some problems like my harddisk usage sometimes get into 100%(even though i have analyze the harddisk and ssd with any software and...