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  1. vladikss

    Question frame drop problem in games

    Hi all. One problem started to bother me. When playing fairly demanding games - sharp subsidence of FPS. With what it can be connected - no idea. This problem appeared a long time ago, even on the old processor, I changed it, but it did not go away. I thought it might be a problem in the power...
  2. T

    [SOLVED] My PC lags on startup, only way to fix was restarting the computer

    Ryzen 7 3700X with a 1060 6 gb, wondering why my pc does this, dont really understand, I can fix it with the reatrt but it gets annoying to have to restart the computer on every boot up, Ive tried turning things off in the startup and every thing ccleaner driver boosters you name it ive tried...
  3. HuskyZ

    Question Fps spikes

    So i fixed one problems but met another, i recently reset my entire system bc i just wanted to get rid of the bloatware and stuff. Unfortunately after the reset my pc seems a bit more clunky and laggy? In games i get small but repetetive noticable lag spikes, my usages are good except the cpu...
  4. AZE0018

    [SOLVED] My RX 480 is not picking up drivers ?

    i am using msi rx 480 4gb with ryzen 5 3500x Whenever i install gpu driver it gets installed but gives error that gpu is not supporting the drivers. Whenever i play game after few minutes of play the game shut down and i come to desktop screen automatically. and some of my games are also lagging...
  5. X

    [SOLVED] I get lags, but only in games. I think its because of packet loss. How do I fix it?

    Hello, about half a year ago i started getting lags in video games. My internet speeds and ping are decent. Lags occur only when I'm playing games. When I get a lag, the game stops reacting to my input, and players walk in a place of freeze. I often get notifications in game saying "poor...
  6. J

    Question Stutters and FPS drops and lags in games

    So initially every game was running fine Apex legends and valorant both but then suddenly one day PC starting lagging and I checked and find it was bcoz of GPU throttling so opened it and check and thermal paste was try so I just replace it and even replaced thermal pads as old ones were dirty...
  7. themiziko

    [SOLVED] Consulting some of the Overclocking decisions and noisy watercooling, plus transferring the setting after reinstalling ?

    Hello! About 9 months ago I decided to upgrade my PC. I trusted them with building my previous build, and they were quite reliable, but the company insisted on also dabbling into water cooling they haven't really done previously, and messing with overclocking. Since I'm not a specialist, and...
  8. Yu_me

    [SOLVED] High CPU temp after BIOS update ?

    Hey there. I've got an annoying problem. Yesterday i updated my BIOS cause my laptop told me to do it. ( i got a ROG Strix G17 with an ryzen 7 5800h and a rtx 3070) I've noticed it has caused lagging & stuttering in all my games even tho i get pretty high fps. in asus armoury crate my cpu has a...
  9. S

    [SOLVED] Lagging and slow performance on almost new PC

    Hi Guys, I bought a new desktop in December. 2 months ago I noticed it's not performing very well on everyday's tasks (I'm basically using it as a work computer - edge, firefox, office, spotify, sometimes adobe). Everything is kinda slow, even opening start menu often has like a 1-2 second...
  10. O

    Question I have problems with my pc

    So i got weird mouse input in games and the problem was in not activating windows. So I activated it and the problem was solved. To be 100% sure that its solved, i reinstalled windows again after a previous installation(like after 5 minutes). And things started to be much worse: 1)decreased...
  11. L


    Hello, I have a lot of problems in games like COD CW, EFT, SQUAD and Hell Let Loose with huge fps drops and freezes. GPU temps around 80 degrees CPU around 50. This all is starting from little freezes and leading to the crashes, doesn't matter if I shoot or do nothing games are randomly...
  12. SeparatiX

    Question Some games starts to mini-freeze after a while.

    Hello ! So my problem is that when i play for example gta 5 for a while, after about hour or so playing it will start to have sort of mini freezes... Fps are good like around 50 (Maybe for someone not good but im satisfied with it) or so tho. The longer i play the game, the more often do the...
  13. S

    Question PC lagging, stuttering, internet dropouts when downloading

    Hi, First of all, I want to apologize for my english. At the end of the year I bought a new PC because I wanted upgrade before new RTX 3070. After a while I started experience lags and stutterings when downloading something. Download speed is going from 0 to 25mb/s and then drops again to 0 in...
  14. R

    Question Games stuttering on a new ryzen build.

    Hey, everyone. I have an irritating problem with my ryzen 5 3600 build. Almost all of my games stutter and freeze but if I reinstall my ram modules it works fine for a couple of days, and then the stutter comes back. It's so weird, I tried 2 different RAM kits (placed in A2; B2 slots ofc) like...
  15. zaneiya

    Question Games always feel different every session (Input lag/Not smooth)

    Title kinda describes the problem. I highly doubt there is a way I can fix this anymore, but mb someone will help, w/e. So, games always feel different every session: sometimes they feel very "floaty" and not "sharp", sometimes they feel like I'm playing on 100hz monitor (I upgraded from 144hz...
  16. S

    Question Unknown lag source

    Hello! Some of you may know me if you follow the CS:GO competitive scene as a semi-pro. Unfortunately, I had to take a break because of this problem. At the start I thought it was only CSGO related but it happens in Valorant as well. I've tried 4 different gaming mice, different mousepads, I got...
  17. Harel

    [SOLVED] huge ping spikes problems

    guys im rly need your help im starting to lose my mind at this point, i'm playing a game called league of legends and whoever plays it/tried it, it cant be played with lag spikes, I changed my dns server, i bought new router, i even tried to mess up netsh settings + i reseted all my network...
  18. C

    Question Heavy,frequent lag that gets worse the longer the PC is on

    Hello! This has been going on for quite a while now. The computer has slight freezes (1-5sec) once in a while. Therefore, it lags when I'm typing, when I'm working the program has freezes,lags. When I start the PC it's not that bad. It gets worse and worse the longer it's on..or so it seems...
  19. L

    [SOLVED] Custom built PC - experiences severe lags

    Hello About 1,5 years ago I built a new gaming PC for a friend. Since about half a year he experiences major lags while playing several games. Lags so severe, that gaming became almost impossible. First I did a new clean install of Windows 10. Didn't fix the problem... Then I switched my...
  20. N

    Question Keyboard lag/keys not working

    Hello! I (again) have a rather strange problem, and I cannot find the answer anywhere. I've been using my laptop (Dell Inspiron 7577) almost every day for 2 years now. Recently I decided to upgrade it a bit, so I installed SSD and another stick of RAM (16gb total now) and it seemed it will work...
  21. C

    [SOLVED] Computer freezes randomly for 3-5 seconds

    Hello! For some reasong, my PC lags at random times. It works well almost all the time but once every couple of minutes it just has a very slight freeze. It's very annoying especially when you use 3D Programs. I've tried: --Power options- High performance and balanced, disabled PCI Express...
  22. B

    [SOLVED] PC lags (Distributed COM)

    Hi my pc starts to lag and makes a noice for a couple of seconds, i checked my event viewer and it seemed like it was DistributedCOM. Ive tried disabling it but nothing has worked yet.
  23. L

    Question Lenovo Legion Y740 - Lagging/slow mode problem

    Hello. I have a really weird problem and I am hopeless. Laptop: Lenovo Legion Y740 – 17inch, rtx 2060, i-7-8750H, (G-sync, 144hz, HDR) Speccy - I have had this laptop for over 4 months now. I started noticing this problem like two months ago and to this day I am not sure...
  24. tplay2003

    Question Sapphire Nitro+ RX580 8GB Stutters!?

    Hello guys, so i upgraded my GPU today from 1050ti to RX580 i knew i must have a little bottleneck in the system but i thought its not gonna be something significant, because i will get a Ryzen 5 within some months til i have the money for MOBO+CPU+RAM. So yes til then i have to stay with this...
  25. G

    [SOLVED] Pc stutters not long after I open a game

    A month ago, I started having random freezes while I was playing League of Legends. After a while, I switched to my integrated graphics so I could at least play the game, later that month I decided to play an old game(AC2) that I knew my pc could handle. The same problem occured to AC2...
  26. Q

    Question FORTNITE STUTTERS! Massive Drops?

    Hi guys, From start of Fortnite chapter 2 i've been experiencing drops to 0 fps with that setup. I want to add that I have low latency mode off. My spec: MOBO: MSI B450M-PRO M2 Power Supply: SPC Vero L2 500W Proc: Ryzen 5 1600x 3.8Ghz Graph: Gigabyte GTX 1060 6GB Ram: 1x8 Goodram 2133Mhz Disks...
  27. M

    Question Fifa 16 only lags and stutter when i am in the near of penalty box??

    gpu geforce gtx 750 ti cpu amd a8 6600k 8gb ram windows 10 64 bit fifa 16 only lags when my player in the near of crowed areas like penalty box?!?!?
  28. J

    RX 580 Newest Driver Update

    The newest drivers for the AMD RX 580 have completely messed my system up. This is my first build and everything is seated and installed correctly I triple checked. Before the new drivers install, everything on my monitor looks okay, but after the update everything has lines and is off-colored...
  29. E

    Monitor wont recognize pc input

    Hi, I bought a second hand gaming PC yesterday and Im now quite disappointed. Spec- Gtx 1050 ti I5 6500 First of all, the cpu was over heating and hitting 90 degrees. But i think fixed that? But now my monitor wont recognize my computer. I plug the hdmi into the gpu and the intergrated...
  30. E

    Please help : While windows boot keyboard just blocked

    CPU AMD ryzen 3 1300x Windows 10 1803 Gpu gts 450 (Fantech) usb Keyboard work at bios but after windows starts loading it just block at safe mode or regular mod . Tried to reinstall driver . (What is responsible for the keyboard in windows like: services; registry; dll's; drivers; ) Problem...
  31. F

    Looking for similar Fractal Design R5 standoffs

    I'm trying to find some extra standoffs for my Fractal Design R5 case. It's harder than I thought to find the exact (or near) size.The screw part is about 3 or 4mm long (shorter than others I have seen) and the other part is around 6mm long. Here is a photo... Any ideas? Thanks.
  32. W

    New to pc

    Can I put a AMD FX 4-Core Black Edition FX-4300, FD4300WMHKBOX in my stock cybertron trooper x-68
  33. H

    2008 Jeep Liberty not charging, alternator and battery replaced.

    It died last night when parked at work, unsure how, asking on their behalf. I'm told the alternator and battery have been replaced. After googling for a good 20 minutes I've read everything for potential culprits from a bad alternator to corrosion on the cables. Aforementioned relative insists...
  34. hyrule571

    How RAM Timings Are Determined

    Hello, I'm wondering how RAM timings are determined from commonly known values like tCL, tRCD, tRP, and tRAS, to uncommon values like tRFC and tREF. Are these values determined by what the RAM tells a PC, or does the motherboard determine these values through POST? The reason why I ask is...
  35. F

    GPU Sometime works and sometimes doesnt

    Hi i have a prebuilt pc and the gpu has been pretty weird lately cause it boots on sometime and sometime dont HELP MEE!! Specs: EVGA GTX 950 SC+, i5 6500 @ 3.20Ghz, Gigabyte B150M-D3H-CF Motherboard,8Gb dual channel RipJawV and GV series 500W ZM500-GV
  36. B

    BF1 low fps

    hello, i bought gtx 1060 and tried playing battlefield 1. On the first tutorial mission i had stable 60 fps(on ultra), but when i tried to play multiplayer, my frames dropped down to 20-40( doesn't matter if i play on ultra or on low). Anyone have any idea what might be causing this? Also, i...
  37. P

    World Of Tanks Causes PC Crash

    I posted a similar thread before but now I have more information and this thread is to only be relevant to the world of tanks (WOT) game. After upgrading my PC I am now having issues with world of tanks. I have freshly re-installed windows 10 after the upgrades to ensure there were no drivers...
  38. H

    System image on a USB stick

    Hi, I have Image for DOS version 2.61 and I can make a DVD with the system image that to install on other computers. Is there any option to do the same with a BOOTABLE USB stick instead of a DVD? Thanks
  39. T

    i5 4960K or FX 9370

    I'm upgrading my processor from the 9370 to the i5 4960K due to high temperatures. I know the 9370 runs hot and requires strong power supple + good motherboard + liquid cooling but it's a bit of a hassle in my opinion. The only reason I'm second guessing is because the 9370 is an amazing...
  40. D

    CPU block compatible with LGA2011-3 socket?

    I bought an all in one cooler for my current system that says it is compatible with 1150 and 2011 socket, does the 2011 socket include the new 2011-3 type socket? The cooler is a switftech h220-x with an apogee xl waterblock.