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    Hello so about a month ago i replaced my HDD with a new one and after that in every game i would get massive lag spikes that i never got before so again i replaced that HDD but the same issue presits i never got these lag spikes before so i need help is it my HDD causing this? Or did i damage...
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    MSI 1060 3gb Aero original Bios?

    Hello, i just bought new/used 1060, im pretty sure it was used in a mining rig, but its still on 2 years warranty and everything seems to be working fine, so i dont really care. What i wanted was to check if its bios wasnt flashed, i heard most miners do it and it changes how gpu works. I found...
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    Pc won't shut down

    Well, i bought a new CPU and PSU, everything works great so far but i can't shut down my pc, i've tried some things from youtube but nothing worked, when i press shut down in my start menu everything works fine, it's closing apps in the background and after that my monitor shuts down, says no...