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  1. R

    Are there any downsides of having a Laptop connected to a monitor?

    for example: Input Lag, possible problems, are there any requirements, etc.. I bet you're asking yourselves: "Why the hell would I use a Laptop with a monitor? That would make zero sense." Well, I need a Laptop for school and I love gaming. My current PC I am running on isn't very good when it...
  2. J

    Best laptop 2020

    I wanted to ask the community for any laptop recommendations. Here is what I'm looking for: AND THANK YOU IN ADVANCE Thin and light Powerful, intel 10th gen CPU with Iris graphics Long Battery Life, 10 hours or more Touch screen Good keyboard. It's especially important to have a long space to...
  3. T

    Question laptop for school

    Hi all! I am looking for a laptop for school. These are the requirements I need. Win 10, 8gb of ram, I7 processor, 500gb SSD, a webcam and microphone. I saw a bunch but I do not know which would be best bang for buck. I would prefer a laptop which has great battery life but it is not such a...
  4. T

    Best bang for buck laptop for work

    Hey all! A friend of mine asked me to help find a laptop for her. I have been out of the loop for a couple years now and the stuff I know are outdated, if you can please look at the specs she would like to have a recommend a laptop it would be a huge help. Thank you in advance for taking the...
  5. AnirbanB

    Question Which laptops (Windows OS) do have higher AdobeRGB color gamut?

    As a photographer, I tend to get higher AdobeRGB spectrum/color gamut for a display. I prefer IPS display. I am not concerned about sRGB but only AdobeRGB. Wanted to go for a MacBook but doesn't seem a viable option with that budget. Budget: $1000-$1200 USD Configuration: • Display size with...