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  1. HotDog_water

    Question Is an I3 3rd gen laptop worth upgrading with an eGPU?

    My aunt got this laptop back in 2013, and she gave it to me as a gift. It's a Sony Vaio E series laptop. It was very slow since it only had 2gb of ram, so I bought 2 sticks of 4gb ram to make it usable. Now that I upgraded the ram, I was wondering if I could upgrade it further by buying an eGPU...
  2. C

    Question Should I replace or upgrade my laptop?

    Hello, My partner has a Toshiba Satellite C50-B-14D (here is a link to the specs) and it often seizes up quite badly and generally runs very slowly. I recently upgraded the HDD to an SSD in my Lenovo G510 and it has massively increased in speed, but my laptop has a much stronger CPU than the...
  3. R

    Question Laptop Stuck in Automatic Repair Loop - Files WON'T transfer to different device?

    So I have an Asus Q504U, Windows 10 64-bit (latest or 2nd to latest update; i.e. Nov 2019-ish), 12 GB RAM, 1TB storage (which is the issue at hand). On it, there are about 120-200 GB of family photos, school work, and other things. In November the laptop turned off during a Windows Update and...
  4. J

    [SOLVED] What Laptop for 4-6 x 2K monitors

    Just curious if anyone had any recommendations for laptop/docking station/monitor combos that could run 4-6 external 2K monitors? I was thinking one of the new Dell XPS 15 i9 8 core processor laptops or would I even need that much power??? For the monitors I was thinking I could even run 4 wide...
  5. L

    [SOLVED] Best laptops for my money.

    Hey I’m looking to buy the best gaming computer for 1k-1.2k please give me your advice.