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    I am currently using an HP Omen 15 and the screen has been broken. I want to be able to boot the laptop on an external screen via HDMI in order to see it boot, and for access to the BIOS. The problem that I am facing is that whenever I disconnect the ribbon cable for the screen, it goes black...
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    Question getting a laptop working with a broken screen?

    So I have an ASUS ROG G751JL-DS71 laptop with a broken screen. It didn't come with a hard drive, I've had to put one in myself. I ultimately want to run the computer headless, but I've run into a problem. Due to the broken screen, I can't see what I'm doing, and pressing the key combination to...
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    Question BIOS on external monitor 15-ax202na

    Hello. I have issues with Omen by HP 15-ax202na. I want to enter BIOS with external screen. The problem is that the Display on Laptop is broken. Does anyone know how to enter bios in external monitor? I have tryed pressing FN+f4 but its not working. Also I know the laptop is working fine and it...
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    Is my pc future proof?

    I was wondering if you guys could tell me if the laptop I am planning to buy is future proof. Its an ASUS ROG GL552vx. Here are the specs Intel i7-6700HQ 1x8gb ddr4 ram Nvidia GTX950M GPU 4GB gddr5 1TB HDD SSD slot available. I want the laptop to atleast last for 3-4 years. If not, then any...