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    [SOLVED] Cooling an Alienware Laptop

    I recently upgraded from my old Windows 7 laptop of 15 years to a newer (still used but way newer) Windows 10 version of a 2015 Alienware. My only real concern - it's a massive 6.6 pounds, and though I DON'T stress it basically at all, it still can get pretty heated up. I basically use it for...
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    Question [K55VJ laptop] Is replacing 8 yr old original thermal paste recommended just because its old? Also Asus original fan or replacement?

    ASUS K55VJ-SX026H i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.4GHz (turbo 3.4GHz) 16GB DDR3L PC3-12800 = DDR3-1600 Nvidia GForce 635M 2GB Bought ASUS K55VJ second hand 2015 (manufactured 2012, but believe it's run since 2013 at least), ie 7-8 years. The fan is a goner, I will replace that. a) Will thermal paste age? Is...