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    Question Laptop freezing when left idle while charging

    Hello! I have an ASUS laptop [Windows 10]. The problem is when I charge my laptop and left it idle for 4-5 minutes, it will freeze. I cannot do anything when it freeze. It already happened a couple of months ago but I just troubleshoot the power and it was gone but now I'm experiencing it...
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    What determined if you can crossfire 2 cards?

    I have been under the impression the model must be exactly the same, but then I saw this test. They use a rx480 crossfire with a rx580, both msi gaming x. So as long as they are both gaming x? Does this mean I can crossfire my 480 with a 590 when it comes out or even a vega? Planning to get a...
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    Possible upgrades for my "Gaming PC"

    Im looking to upgrade my pc to be able to play the up coming games like mafia 3 and battlefield 1 at medium graphics at least at stable frames My current rig: CPU:Amd A10 7870k CASE:Rosewill FBM-01(i think its called) MOBO:Gigabyte F2A68HM-DS2H HDD:250GB HDD2:500GB(used for games) PSU:EVGA 430W