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    [SOLVED] Backup Drive: New HDD vs Reused Laptop HDD

    For my PC build I have a 500GB NVMe SSD, but I also am planning to add extra storage in the form of hard drives. This storage will rarely be written to/read from and is just for backing up pictures and videos. I wouldn't mind paying fifty bucks for a 2tb HDD, but I was wondering if it would be...
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    [SOLVED] Laptop hard disk giving low performance in desktop Pc

    I recently found bad sector in my 7200 rpm desktop hard disk so I replace it with my 5400 rpm laptop hard disk.After that Desktop is almost unusable.I take so much time to respond to mouse click,everything is laggy.Even it takes 5-10minutes to open file explorer.I know 7200rpm had better...
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    Safe over clock of i7 6700k for Long Term Use

    Hi, so today i got a stable overclock of 4.5 ghz and the voltage was 1.275, im using the corsair h100i Gtx cooler and temps ussually stay at max around 65C... id like to know if this is a healthy OC for someone who would like to use this processor LONG TERM, considering i pushed my budget and...