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  1. K

    Question Kittens broke my Finger ID!

    The title might sound odd, but truly did happen. I fell asleep and left my Asus Expertbook open.. I have two kittens. I woke up to them playing about with the keyboard. The funny thing is, the keyboard is fully working, but my laptop has an inbuilt finger ID system in which I can unlock it with...
  2. PaulDang889

    Question I need help identifying if this is a temperature issue or not

    I recently purchase an Hp Omen gaming laptop from bestbuy, 1660 ti, 16 gb rams, and ryzen 7 4800h. Is these temperature normal? While idle using the internet or youtube it randomly jumps 55-66, mainly stays at 61, and while gaming specifically "League of Legends" it stays at 82-86. I'm concerned...
  3. Crowie

    [SOLVED] Need help deciding between 2 laptops

    I'm stuck between this: And this: The...
  4. Pcstarter

    Is my laptop too heavy for college?

    Hi! I am planning to get a razer blade pro 2017(full hd) for college i live about 3 miles from it and i commute with an electric bike but is the laptop to heavy or big for college at 12 lbs?
  5. Nafsan

    Monitor Goes to Sleep with Gpu !!!

    I have i3 4th gen CPU & RX 460 GPU. When i power my PC the Asus logo appeared and then Windows logo appeared after that, The Screen goes dark and its like the PC is in sleep mode. Monitor power button blue light turns Yellow. But i can hear the fan running and gpu fan also rotates ! Without...
  6. G

    smart current pending sector count and uncorrectable sector count error with no bad sectors or corrupted files

    no bad files or bad sectors, so what is causing my errors? is the drive safe to continue using or should i get rid of it? the drive is completely full for a bit if it is relevant.
  7. Ibreakthings

    Best Watercooling Case

    Whats the best case to GPU: 3-Way SLO GTX780Ti Classified (Heavy OC) W/NZXT G10s&Kraken X41s (three) CPU I7 4790k OC 4.6GHz NZXT Kraken x61 Can't find a case and need some ideas. Also a silent case would be good
  8. B

    help with buying an i5?

    So I want to build a pc and I'll be playing games and editing video on it. I5 is the processor that suits me well but I am confused whether to go with skyalke or hasewell and I'll be not overclocking. Thanks for your help.
  9. A

    Power Supply fan too loud?

    Hello guys, I have the EVGA 750W B2 power supply. I believe that the fan is a bit too loud since I can hear it with ease even when nothing else is plugged. Here, I have it running by itself, is it too loud?
  10. X

    what is the best gpu upgrade for my phenom ii x4 925 2.8 GHz?

    I am planing to buy a gpu but i dont know what is best for my system .here are my specs,. MOBO: 790 FX GD-70 PROCESSOR: Phenom ii x4 925 2.8 GHZ PSU: COUGAR CM 700 WATTS RAM: 8 Gig of RIPJAWS ram please help me to choose a video card for my sytem , im planing to choose R9 280x toxic but i heard...
  11. Coolboy951

    Can my PSU handle this setup?

    CPU: Fx 8320 with EVO 212 cooler or GPU: 7950 Boost Mobo: I need a good cheap mobo for AM3+ for around 40-60$...
  12. J

    Could I run 3 moniters with 2 graphic cards on Dimension e521?

    On board graphics card:Nvidia GeForce 6150 LE Graphics card in pcie slot right now:GeForce GT 430 CPU:Athlon 64 X2 dual core processor 4000+ Ram: 4GB OS:Windows XP Professional (Gonna get windows 7 soon ) Power supply: 305 watts