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  1. I

    Question Some Keys on my Toshiba Laptop are not working

    I have been using this Toshiba Satellite L50T-A196 laptop for 8 years now. The keyboard has never been a problem in this laptop but since last month few keys are not working. These are Caps Lock key, Letter "x", "c", "v", "m" and left control key.These keys work by themselves sometimes and then...
  2. Apof

    Question Some keys consistently type multiple different characters

    Hey people, I've got a laptop keyboard problem. As the title hints, the problem is that some keys when pressed, they type the right letter, but also some other one. These are all I found so far. Pressing A or J types AJ. Always in the same order. When I hold it, it types AJAJAJAJAJ etc. This...
  3. F

    Question How to fix laptop keyboard problem where you can't type normally if you dont hold down space bar?

    TL;DR pressed alt f4 and space multiple times in VRChat, keyboard wouldn’t type (built in keyboard in dell inspiron 15 5577) if i didnt hold down space, tried everything to fix it (fresh windows install at the end) but didn't work So, the problem started when i was playing VRChat and was...
  4. stevenmael

    Question Alienware M17x R3 Keybaord Keys not working

    Alright lets get down to it, I have an Alienware M17x R3 from 2012, model number P11E, at first it started with a single key not wanting to work, then it spread to a bunch of keys not wanting to work, and others inputting the wrong letter, got to the point that you cant boot to windows with the...
  5. I

    Question Lenovo Legion Y530 Laptop: "A" key won't stay in place.

    Hello Tom's Hardware forum users, Today I have been experiencing a fairly annoying problem. My "A" key is very loose, and keeps popping off if you press it from the top of the key. The bottom hooks aren't strong enough to retain the key in its position. Another user had this exact same issue on...
  6. bo2nathan

    Can my pc handle overclocking? (gtx 1080ti)

    I have a build with a fairly weak psu (520 watt) I have no issues (i think) with my pc, everything runs fine. But I have the feeling that my pc could exceed itself a little if my psu would have a little more power! What do you guys think? Components: 6600k 1080ti m5 gaming mobo 16 gb ram 620...