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    Question Laptop screen flickering red and green. External monitor works fine

    My laptop screen's been flickering with red and green lines that cover up the entire screen. I tried using an external monitor to see if the problem is really the laptop screen or the gpu, but the external monitor seems to work fine. The problem seems to occur randomly, but frequently enough to...
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    Question Plugged a powered USB plug into laptop, now it won't work

    I have a powered USB hub, I found a power supply that I thought was for the powered USB strip, I plugged it in and then plugged the USB strip into my USB port on my laptop. It immediately shorted out. After doing some research I found that this was NOT the correct power supply and it had much...
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    Question Dell laptop will not boot

    A customer brought me his Dell Inspiron 5748 touchscreen laptop. It would not boot and gave the same old "select proper boot device or insert boot media...". He thought there was not hard drive even though he'd been using it for 5 months. He thought his brother had taken it out to mess with him...
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    Question Mousepad freezing problem

    My laptop touchpad some time freeze when I press hotkey button for mouse, again it starts to move, but during this time left and right button works. Please help me in this situation. I have checked viruses and malware and spyware.